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Anticipating Spring

As I get ready for bed at the end of the first day of the last month of winter, I can’t help but feel as though the month of July was not only the month I was least creative but also the time I allowed myself to get lost and even bask in the glory of the limbo where I found myself.

Yes, I allowed myself to stay there, whatever or where there was. I was far too exhausted to fight the lethargy and lack of interest in almost everything in general. It was tough enough to maintain the normalcy of work. Going to work every day as though there were nothing wrong with me was tired my mind so much that there was nothing left at the end of the day or even on the weekends for creativity. I was mostly too sleepy to do anything else.

It is not that I am out of the limbo. The thought of spring in a month’s time seems to give me the push to shake off my emptiness and weakness and get myself back into the world I love.

I have missed my WP community. I know I wasn’t completely gone but I felt I wasn’t really there. I have missed the creativity, encouragement, support and love. It won’t be easy but I am determined to catch up on everyone’s writing.

Thank you to all of you who are still around. It means a lot to me to have you in my life. Much love to all of you. 💖

Here I go slowly shaking off winter and the limbo… 😊

…with a little “funny” I came up with. It may not be so funny but I think you might still wanna laugh for the mere fact that it’s so “not funny but funny”. 😂

Warm hugs! 🤗

7 thoughts on “Anticipating Spring

  1. There are folks who seem to keep posting, but are they really blogging or trying to get to a number of record? Hmmm…different folks different aspirations.
    Its not how frequent you blog post. Its the fact that you still do!


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