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Look what you made me do #LWYMMD

Really, Miss Swift… Look what you made me do! #lwymmd

I started writing about one perfectly but subtly amazing day, supposedly with three music videos that contributed to its “perfectness”, yet this post, on the power that is Taylor Swift, will most probably be published even before ‘One Perfect Day’.

I write this not to get clicks, likes, or whatever else. I just want to share the genius of the power of media or the power of the genius of media. You get me, right?

I started writing a blog post–for my Love of Travel, Golf and Food blog–about the spectacular awesomeness of Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games, something similar to this, but it remains a draft. I still want to have it published before the weekend, or now, as the South African tour ends on Sunday.

Then again, I have to admit, T-Swift’s writing is quite brilliant!

I started writing a personal blog in honor of my son–okay, just to congratulate my son–for finally passing his driver’s license. Third time lucky… Even his YouTube video on ’15 Types of Drivers’, which he shot while driving illegally, i.e. driving with a learner’s without a licensed driver with him, is taking a back seat.

Sorry, son. I will still publish, I promise.

Whoever is the genius or are the geniuses behind the lyrics and video is/are spectacularly awesome! Cheers to him/her/them.

The whole world – less those off the grid and those who don’t care about Hollywood or anything mainstream – are hypothesizing, talking, arguing, etc. about one song. ONE song! Absolute genius! 😂 

I pretend to not care but I spent my precious lunch hour reading this article and the comments… Oi, too many comments to read though. I had go back to my financials. 😂

Here’s the song / music video

Look What You Made Me Do

Lyrics video


Hey there, TS!

Oh wow, your initials are like my business partner’s and bff’s initials. It’s a sign!

Anyway -no reason or rhyme

How about this nobody writes your life story and create an anthology of your love stories? I know ‘you trust nobody and nobody trusts you’ but surely we can suspend those issues for now. 🙂 I can be a mother figure. After all, I’m old enough to be your mother… wait, no, if I gave birth to you (in 1989), I would have been called a teen whore. Backspace to blank space…

I promise to buy all your albums. Not that you need the money… I can give you $1. I don’t mind keeping the proceeds from the sale of the books. Fine, we will give to a charity organization that protects women from misogynist pigs.

Your ‘new… future… somewhat… maybe…’ enamored fan


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