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Life today

Tuesday (yesterday) started off with me doing an event costing from home. Therefore, I didn’t have to drive to work during rush hours, which makes a great morning. It didn’t matter that the area where we live still had no water. (I won’t say since when because then I’ll have to answer the question about the last time we have showered or bathed or washed.) 😝

Missing the morning traffic jam helps a lot to make a good day so I couldn’t resist bragging on Facebook about loving my life… if only for this one day. I do ask to be excused for a possible error in judgement.

The drive itself was rather fun, having “accidentally joined” what seemed like a Porsche run (like the breakfast run for bikers on weekends). Here’s a glimpse of that morning drive.

And below is the beauty of an out-of-the-ordinary African commute… mainly because of the background music, I guess.

​​<Update post to insert YouTube video that is currently AWOL on my channel. Sorry! 😐 For now, I have the link to the music for you. I hope it works. I am writing this post on my mobile.>

May we all have a life we love, if only for today. Then we wish the same for the next day.

Have a wonderful day!

9 thoughts on “Life today

    1. Thank you, Kurian. To you, too. I’ve had a crazy yesterday and I couldn’t even prepare a post. At least, I’m able to relax a bit after another busy day. I hope you have a less hectic day. 🙂

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    1. I thought it would be a not-so-ordinary morning drive especially for those in a hustling and bustling city. Parents brought me to Africa. We actually lived in Zambia in the 80s. A couple of years after I left to go back home to the Philippines, they left Zambia for Botswana. I then moved to Botswana after graduation and I met my ex-husband there. He’s South African (Dutch/Afrikaans) and he was transferred back to South Africa. It’s been 23 years since then. 🙂

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