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Excerpt from Theresa’s blog post:

I was inspired this week by an interview with visual artist Maira Kalman, who said in part:

. . . People are leading very particular and very complex lives, and. . . every human being is a human being. People who you think you might have absolutely nothing in common with, philosophically, or just on a daily level, you find out there’s a tremendous amount of contact [shared common experience]. It might be so obvious to say that, but I don’t think that you can appreciate that until you actually go, and live that. . . . [and then] we can have a conversation about that and find the common humanity. (On Being With Krista Tippett,

Theresa Barker - Lab Notes

This week I was reading fellow writer-poet-blogger Luanne Castle’s blog, in which she described a typical day in her life (“Typical Tuesday with Luanne Castle”).  Then today I read  the blog of my writing friend and collaborator Anne J in which she talked about a rushed and stressful afternoon in her life and how she managed to get through it (“Finding Joy I”).  After I read their posts, I had the wonderful feeling of getting to know them better by learning more about their daily lives.

In the past few days I’ve been talking with Tom & Audrey at USAThroughOurEyes blog about the profound transformation that happens when we take the time to listen – really listen – to our fellow human beings.  What is life like for them?  What are the hopes, fears, what do they strive to do.  What makes them laugh? What brings…

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