Finding Joy II: On the edge of sanity

Edge of Sanity (Text)

Sometimes, it really is fine to let life get to me.

Then, just let it be.

It is okay to allow frustration and anxiety to overwhelm my entire being.

It is all right to feel my brain on the brink of explosion… that it can no longer organize information for others (so they may just get from me the processed prettified ones).

Sometimes, it is only fitting to teeter on the edge of sanity.

Then, let go.


Nothing further need be said. I inhale and exhale as I count to one million in my head…

At least last week, I was able to find humor in our unfortunate situation: intermittent to no water. I went to work dressed in t-shirt and shorts. Luckily, it was a quiet day in the office with not many people coming and going.

To feel better, I did turn to my go-to lunch from Simply Asia, famously known as ‘514’, and my go-to sweet treats, Krispy Kreme. It’s okay to have a crutch, right?

Thankfully, before I lost my mind, water was back to normal when I got home. I did the dishes to enjoy the water and I made sure I made up for the lost showers. Thursday saw me more appropriately dressed for work. I did look and smell clean, too.

I wish that that you don’t have to suffer a few days without water, especially without warning.

Much love and hugs xxx

Finding Joy 6


4 thoughts on “Finding Joy II: On the edge of sanity

    1. You’ve got it right, Tony. Joy is something within us. Joy remains even when we don’t get what we want. Joy is present even when life isn’t exactly as we dream it to be. It’s not ecstacy, but peace, true. I wish you joy today; for tomorrow we shall be happy as it’s Fri-yay-day!


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