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The Book Plan – #amwriting

The Pantser

200604 Midlands (3)I have never done a book plan. I’m more a pantser than a plotter. I completed my draft for a “memoir-like” non-fiction book within a month in 2003. Granted that I wasn’t employed at that time. But yes, no plan, no synopsis, no outline. Seventy thousand words and a bit! Of course I believed I was nothing but an instrument, a woman possessed. I was merely the typist. My friends who read the book—I printed one hundred ring-bound copies, I think—said I should publish it.

‘Friends who read’ included my ex-husband and his then girlfriend, the same young woman with whom he had a relationship while we were married, unhappily though. We became friends or friendly eventually and we even took a trip to Thailand together. And yes, the book had her on cameo.

I digress…

Reading the book at that time, it seemed okay, but as years went past, when I took it out from its hiding place to bring it back to life, I found that the book, as a whole, sucked. I still think it sucks. I’ve been trying to edit and re-organize it. It’s fifty times easier to restructure a company. Give me change management anytime.

The Plotter

Therefore, I’m going to try something totally different from my usual way: I’m going to be a plotter. I’m going to draw up my book plan for a romance I commit to completing within… soon. 🙂

…on top of NaNoWriMo!


Yeah, I’m a sucker for punishment. I do have a demanding day job, on the verge of taking on more responsibilities (for more money to finance my writing… ha-ha!), and there’s also a business on the side. My business partner and I have also just recently established a publishing company, set to launch in December, when Cinderella Reimagined, an Anthology of Cinderella Retellings, releases. (Anthology released and link to Amazon added with revised post)

Anyway, that’s beside the point…

The point is I’m here to put it out there: I’m sharing the premise of the novel with you. Please tell me what you think: would you read this novel?

A married woman, confronted by her past—and the soulmate that got away—must let go of the illusion to keep the love that she deserves.

Now that the premise is out of the way, I have to tackle the “onliness” statement, which I’m already thinking is beyond me. I have several hours left. Wish me luck!

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