Learning Spanish

Learning Spanish is quite fun for me.

While most of the phrases and sentences don’t make sense to me as I don’t know when I would use them, there are those a few sentences that do (even if I can’t quite see yet when I might need to say them).


Even better are those that are not only practical but also relevant and accurate, too.


My son found it extremely funny because the app even told me that I was correct… that I do not have enough money. 😅

A novel writing project has officially began. I don’t know what I’m doing here when I’m supposed to be completing my book plan and my first 3 500 words, at least, depending on my target word count… I guess I’m waving “Hello!” and letting you know that I might not be around “properly” for the rest of the October, the whole of November (when I might disappear completely as I’ll be doing NaNoWriMo as well), the whole of December (although this month might see me blogging more than November), and part of January 2018 (until the 19th). I will do my best to pop in.

32 thoughts on “Learning Spanish

      1. So sorry for responding so late. It means good, as I understand. BuenOs dias is good morning or good day as dias is day. But good night is buenAs noches. Then, buen is also good. 😃

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  1. Love seeing more of your “other” life in here, Anne! Hey, if you want to, take my second tip on writing stories, after starting w description, then bring a character into your story, if you have not already. If you have, then bring in some kind of conflict…! 🙂

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    1. Oh, my friend, I did not sleep… okay, I slept at 6am my time for the 12 midnight Pacific time deadline. Three hours to spare. At least it is a first draft. I have to learn how to show not tell as I go along. I will have to also do my character development plan. I realized as I did my Chapter 1 that I overlooked this. Thank you so much for the advice. I have access to MFA, yay! 😊🤗💖

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      1. Kudos, my friend! You are committed! … and, one thing I learned about “show not tell” recently: – it’s okay to tell, as long as you have a reasonably interesting voice in your telling. (which you ALWAYS do) I had learned before, “telling is bad,” and when I learned this tip about telling v. showing, it made me feel less stressed. Maybe it will for you, too! 🙂

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      2. Ah, thanks so much for that, my friend. I won’t worry, at least for now. There’s always editing and if it doesn’t doesn’t good then, edited it will be. 😊 Much love and hugs. 💖🤗

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  2. Its great find someone excited to learn Spanish. I fell in love with Spanish many years ago, and became a teacher. I get to do what I love best, teaching others about language learning , especially Spanish! Please let me know if you need any more help…I’d be delighted 😀
    Regards. Marie.

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    1. Hi Marie. Thank you so much. I’d really love to learn to speak Spanish fluently. Apart from attending lessons in class (does that make a difference?) I don’t know what I can do… except practice speaking it. It’s harder than I thought. And yes, dedication is important. It’s fantastic that you love what you do.

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