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Writing takes centre stage

Instead of silently slipping into the world of NaNoWrimo (National Novel Writing Month) while simultaneously doing another novel writing project, which means that I am on a sort of writing sprints for the first drafts of TWO projects—okay, novels—and will not have much time for much else, and despite having been quiet for days (not weeks, right?) already, I would like to say that I hope we won’t be strangers permanently. I will be slightly scarce but only temporarily. I could get some opportunities to read or post something short but I will not promise. I will definitely be back though.

In the meantime, I would like to share that I finally made a decision about my hair. Some of you might remember that I have been contemplating on cutting my hair (my Instagram folks have known since March)… well, I finally did it.

And here I was with my friends before watching Evita. Maybe, I’ll share more of our craziness at a later post.

I leave you with a lovely sunset picture I took last this past weekend while we were in Crystal Springs, Mpumalanga. Love of Travel, Golf and Food will have the full post on this weekend away.

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