An Invitation – Do you have your own Midsummer Night’s Dream?

Source: Reimaginings Books, Do you have your own Midsummer Night’s Dream

We have released Cinderella Reimagined: An Anthology of Cinderella Retellings and it is now available on Amazon, USA, UK and Europe. This signals the start of a new challenge. Theresa J. Barker and I invite all writers and authors to submit their own take on Shakespeare’s beloved MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM.


Theresa J. Barker and Anna Jailene Aguilar would like to believe that ‘Cinderella Reimagined’ is a success. Look out for the anthology on Amazon. Thus, we would like to make an annual tradition of publishing a Retelling Anthology and we are happy to present the next theme…

MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM (by William Shakespeare)

We may not realize it but there are probably a few modern versions of the story. We are now asking all interested writers/authors to join us and have fun in creating your own Midsummer Night’s Dream story.

You do NOT have to use the same title. Come up with your own that best captures your story.


We are looking for stories that feature a “MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM”-style theme. (Consult Wikipedia / Google for a reminder of William Shakespeare’s play.)

  • The story must be any of the following:
    • Short story (not in excess of 5,000 words)
    • Short-short story
    • Flash fiction
    • Micro fiction
  • The story can fall under any genre, such as:
    • Romance
    • Drama
    • Comedy
    • Science fiction
    • Thriller
    • Horror
    • Combination of any of the above
  • The story must be based on or have a semblance to the original play.
  • The story can be from any of the characters’ perspectives, such as:
    • Puck (being the original; third party omniscient POV);
    • Theseus or Hippolyta;
    • Oberon or Titania;
    • Lysander, Demetrius, Hermia, or Helena;
    • Nick Bottom, or any other actor/player
  • No offensive language (e.g., obscene, racist, etc.); please use minimal profanity and ensure that it is absolutely necessary to the tone of the story (see “Other Considerations” below).
  • Stories must be the original work of the writer/author; plagiarism will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with by the original authors accordingly.
  • Publication in an anthology form for chosen stories. Stories selected for publishing may be edited to remove excessive offensive language, without changing the story or its tone (see “Other Considerations” below).
  • You retain copyright of your own work.
  • A short legal agreement will be drafted to cover rights and income. Each author/story share in the 20% royalty.
  • All submissions MUST include some reference to the topic/theme (“Midsummer Night’s Dream”).
  • Please, no erotica, pornography, explicit/graphic sex/violence – e.g., “PG-” to “R-rated” work.
  • That said, feel free to experiment! Mix ideas, genres, think big!


Deadline for submission of entries: 28 February 2018

Submission format: Word document, Font: Courier new 12, Spacing: Double, Indentation: First line 1.27cm, Margin: Normal (2.54cm on all four sides)


6 thoughts on “An Invitation – Do you have your own Midsummer Night’s Dream?

  1. Reblogged this on I think, I say, I do and commented:

    To my fellow authors who love to write short stories,

    I hope that your January 2018 had been a wonderful writing month. I had challenges having started a new job and it’s possible that I am not alone so this re-blog is to remind us that we have a Midsummer Night’s Dream to dream and write. 🙂 We have the end of this month as the deadline for submission. However, it is most probably more realistic to set the deadline to a month later so if you haven’t started writing your story yet, you have time!

    Those whose stories are polished and would like to get feedback sooner than later, you may email your stories to me on annajaileneaguilar@gmail.com. The feedback is not the final decision for inclusion on the printed anthology but in case you have a second story to share, the feedback could help. 🙂

    We are looking forward to receiving those amazing stories that we know are in you.

    Happy writing!


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