Setting up 2018

It is the 5th day of the month, of the new year, and although I managed to work on my laptop for a couple of hours yesterday, the holiday bug is still in my system. Nevertheless, it should not mean no blogging so I decided that there is nothing wrong with mobile phone blogging.

Without consciously planning for 2018, I found myself doing something about my health. The one thing in my mind as 2017 bade its goodbye was my health would be the exact opposite of my health last year: it was at its worst, which was a huge surprise having received no health warning from my Chinese horoscope forecast for the year. In fact, for the lunar/Chinese year, I was supposed to have an amazing year. It was not really so although there were good moments… and perhaps I set up quite a bit for this year, considering that I completed NaNoWriMo, I wrote a lot during the year, and we published our first book, Cinderella Reimagined: An Anthology of Cinderella Retellings.

I digressed, please excuse me.

Back to doing something about my health, today was my first BodyTalk session since 2010! I will continue with my talk therapy but once a month, most probably. I think a BodyTalk Session once in two weeks will do me a whole lot of good.

Does it mean I am ready for the year? I don’t know.

Without neglecting the responsibilities of adult life, I require balance: between perfection and imperfection… except, is there really such a thing as perfection? Do we have control to ensure perfection? Rhetorical stuff. I need to live and let live. Not everything should be organized to the T. I must tone down my seriousness and play even a little.

So, I am not preparing for the year. I will see on Monday, or Tuesday, next week even… this month! I only need to remember to set and implement my boundaries from the start as I embark on my new adventure: a new job!

My BodyTalk practitioner also advised that I accept me the way I am: special despite of, or perhaps more appropriately because of, my craziness. Based on my life imprint, I am a leader, yet a negotiator, an inventor and an image builder. The better I understand myself, the more harmonious a life I’ll have. I must accept that I have the tendency to “invent” excitement in my life to avoid boredom or routine. I am that person who comes to fix “stuff” and then I must leave. I am the organizer in the group I lead.

Having worked on my balance, I am going to walk into a new world, unprepared for anything specific but ready for whatever comes my way in general. The little bit of apprehension I feel is accompanied by some excitement.

I am going to be just fine!

Here’s to some fun this year!

10 thoughts on “Setting up 2018

    1. Thank you so much, Hester! I hope the new year has been good so far. First week in my new job and it feels like I’ve been here forever… work-wise, anyway. I should be friends… friendly with the majority of the folks soon. 🙂

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