Last week… homo sapiens and social media

Last week, as I embarked on my new adventure, my fellow earth-inhabitants saw it fitting to stir my otherwise peaceful, albeit exhausted, mind and being. Fortunately, my exposure only occurred on Saturday.

I would like to address the POTUS first to get it out of the way. (I must say though that I did not personally come across his tweet. I heard on the radio that he called our beloved country (or was it the whole continent?) a sh*thole.)

Dear Mr. American President,

As much as I would like my family and me to be citizens of the USA–and we would really love to, so please send the greencards our way–eventhough you only want Norwegians to come to America, our desire to migrate is not because South Africa is a sh*thole as a whole. I understand that you may simply be generalizing as I have the tendency to do the same so I forgive you but believe me when I say that there are many lovely spots here, and if you give it a chance, you might just enjoy them. No bias, I swear!

However, I will not deny that the current government administration may have caused some pockets within this lovely place to be a little sh*thole-y. I will not tell you that you are completely off-track (although your statement is inaccurate) especially considering the behaviour of some homo sapiens during the weekend.



While the locals may have had a fiesta roasting the POTUS, I have a feeling that The Donald may have laughed hysterically upon seeing what my dear country called a “protest”. (Are the quotation marks supposed to be there?)

I agree with many who had their say on Twitter that what EFF (one of our less successful political parties) did was no protest but pure vandalism. It was an excuse to trash the innocent local stores of “racist” H&M because of a “racist” ad/marketing campaign which appeared in the UK, where parents and /or adults fondly and playfully call the children monkeys, for a product (hoodie with the words “coolest monkey in the jungle” modeled by a black boy) that was available in the UK (and probably the US as well, although I guess we can say worldwide as it was online).

They (EFF members) have to be forgiven for they did not learn how to protest peacefully. I admit, they went way beyond monkeying around; they went ape in those H&M stores… a couple of days after H&M apologized for the oversight, a transgression! Don’t corporate entities deserve to be forgiven as much as individuals who sin?

What is sad is seeing comments from some humans that only violence will get them heard. I don’t know… Does that mean that Henry Okah must be freed? Did he not resort to violence for the good of his people in the Niger Delta? Wait… I actually don’t know much about that so let me not go there.

Perhaps it’s like being in a relationship and you realize you don’t want your partner anymore and you find someone more appealing to you. You have the option not to be the “bad guy” by breaking up so you cheat instead, not realizing that talking to her and leaving her with dignity is the better route to take.

Granted that H&M HQ was not blameless. Although the mother of the boy model saw nothing wrong with the ad campaign and the product, I suppose being a national of a country where monkey is a pet name for a child, and the performance and usage fees surely help, too,  H&M HQ and Marketing should have considered that not the whole world understands the concept or pet name or play on words, and that some who have not ventured out of their motherland may misconstrue the phrase. What was safe was to have chosen a Eurasian model like my child as I do think that Eurosians can be the coolest in the pack. One day, the Eurosians will conquer the world. *maniacal laugh*

It comes as no surprise that one person started the whole debacle on social media. Did she have good intentions “pondering” on Twitter, accusing the Swedish brand of racism? I wonder… Faux fame is a darned thing!

I think that those responsible for providing the social media platform must filter words that may trigger unnecessary and unwarranted fiasco. What do you think, Mark Zuckerberg and friends? Oh, impossible to do? Never mind, then.

On a happier note, my first week in my new job went fantastically well. I am settled and I feel useful already, since the second day, in fact. My boss actually sent me an email on Friday afternoon saying that it’s great to see that I have hit the ground running and I am already adding value. He said he’s very happy about that and he hoped I’m enjoying myself.

This was yours truly driving to work on that first day. 😁

I hope the year has been good to you so far.

Please excuse my mobile phone blogging. It’s the best I can do for now. I promise to edit this on my laptop soonest to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

The featured image, the picture of King Julien, the lemur, was only because we went to the Montecasino Bird Gardens with the kids on Sunday… and I don’t know what other image to use.

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