The human spirit

As much as there are “in-your-face” evil people inhabiting mother earth, people who make me question humanity’s further existence, I can’t help but notice the admirable spirit of some human beings, the spirit that makes me reconsider my almost-lost hope on mankind.

It is the spirit that flashes a smile despite the pain in her heart.

It is the spirit that laughs heartily despite his lack of earthly possessions.

It is the spirit that works not only with the mind but with the heart, taking pride in that work as though it’s for his own profit alone.

It is the spirit that recognizes hope despite the despair from fear of harm and hurt.

It is the kind and generous spirit in the midst of selfishness and haughty rudeness.

Perhaps clouds have silver linings and we don’t have to see them with our eyes if we can believe with our hearts. If not every day, at least for most of the time.

Hope… like this bridge which will be completed. Eventually… I know, so radiate the joy!


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