The right thing

I am tempted to tell you that I will do and be as you would like me to [do and be] just so you would stay because it is the easy route to take but that would render me inauthentic and out of integrity. Therefore, as we stand at an intersection, I must turn one way and you another.

Sometimes in our lives–out of innocence, ignorance, despair, fear, misperception and so on–we choose a life that we would need to give up eventually so we could have the life meant for us.

Sometimes, we need to put ourselves in the situation that would make us recognize what we have taken for granted, or even simply what we have, so we can determine what we really need or want. We can then go for what we want, whether it’s something new or the old we failed to appreciate and ultimately realize was for us.

Sometimes, we choose a certain life because we’re too young and we don’t know better, or plainly for the wrong reason. We must be free to experience the life we missed when we are older and more mature, so we can pick the best option based on who we are. We can go for our hearts’ desires.

Only then would unhappiness and dissatisfaction leave us.

To keep the status quo, to keep doing the same thing and wish for a different tomorrow is not only crazy and stupid but selfish.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. After all, what’s meant to be will be.

As we fly up high and we look back down, we would know in our hearts whether we should keep flying away, or return.

You can only hope that the life you eventually choose to go back to is still waiting. If not, it’s not your destiny; yours will find you, perhaps when you feel the joy in your heart, in the quiet peace of your solitude.

Sunsets are beautiful, especially when we can imagine an even more splendid sunrise. Tomorrow.

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