Values, priorities, necessities

I know what I want to write but part of it is a departure from my usual point of view so to begin to express my thoughts in words proves to be challenging…

I used to believe that I was really too busy to do certain things and I would tell people so. I had to admit later, not long ago, that the issue was not busyness but values, priorities and necessities. Thus, last year, I made a point of paying more attention to my days, and my life in general. I reviewed my weeks consciously. It dawned on me that despite the many things that demanded time from me–work, writing, child, family and social life–I managed to spend a significant amount of time playing games on my mobile phone and in the casino… those slot machines are games, right?

In November last year, determined to make NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) a success for me, I decided that self-discipline would need to prevail. While writing was not a priority, being a hobby and it does not pay the bills, it moved to the top of my list to do every single day. It was necessary to achieve my goal of writing the first draft of my novel, if only the first 50,000 words to be written.

Priorities change depending on necessities. I wonder then if I can change myself from being nocturnal to a morning person. I read that it’s not advantageous for a late morning starter to become an early bird. I can’t remember the details but changing was detrimental to something… health? (I will search for the article. I think it was on LinkedIn.) Perhaps if forced. The change must not be for a job, for instance, but as a natural process. Hmm, can it be natural?

Last weekend, on Sunday, having prioritized a chilled (instead of rushed) Saturday afternoon in Sandton City with my best friend and young daughter, I had to move my wax appointment to Sunday even if my usual beauty therapist was not in that day. I didn’t mind seeing someone else as I badly needed a wax. My eyebrows were spreading to my forehead and eyelids. Haha! However, the only time I could get was nine o’clock in the morning. I would normally be in dreamland still at that time on a weekend but I agreed. It had to be done.

I woke up early enough although as I always underestimate the driving time between home and Fourways Mall, I was almost fifteen minutes late. (I don’t even know how that happened. Home is four kilometres away from the mall. Maybe it took me five minutes to park properly. Or, I was ten minutes late.) Long story short, by noon, I had my shoes fixed, taken a dress to the tailor for the stitching, collected my new contact lenses from the optometrist, gotten my usual Body Shop supplies, done grocery shopping, bought a top I found on sale, and three of my watches got new batteries and are now working again. I did all that I needed to do with a hairless face and polished toenails that looked lovely in bright pink. It felt good. (Pic taken more than a week later as I didn’t think I’d need an image for a blog post.)

If only good values were a necessity and a priority to all. Sadly, respect for other drivers on the road is not a norm. On Wednesday, first day of school for the year, Fourways traffic was back in full swing. On Wednesday, a car cut me (and bullied me to the left lane) from the right-turning lane as he went straight over William Nicol on Fourways Boulevard. Worse was he had the audacity to not let me back in to the right lane. I was stuck on the left lane and I needed to turn right. Fortunately, a couple on my right were decent people and they kindly let me in. The rude driver was about six cars behind us. I don’t understand the selfishness. I share the road with many, as I battle daily the cursed William Nicol and Witkoppen roads, and other roads between home and my new work.

Yes, those cars on the left are going to turn from a lane that’s not for right turn.

I’m not quite ready to change my sleeping habit for my job, and definitely not abruptly. To miss the morning rush hour/s completely, I would need to be on the road by six thirty. I would have to wake up at five which means I would need to be asleep by eleven, at the latest. I would need to prepare to go to bed at nine. If I get home at five, since I can leave work at four if I start at seven, I have four hours for supper and time with my little princess. What about writing? I don’t know if that’s life. This is only if I’m not the one taking my daughter to pre-school. I won’t be able to take her before six thirty. Mothers shouldn’t work…

Daily morning traffic

Despite the horrible traffic daily, I’m not frustrated. I am still fine with the long day at work which leaves me exhausted, an excuse for now for not writing. Instead, I play games to give my brain a break although I could actually be editing images for my Travel and Food/Dining blog. Ah…

My psychologist observed that my life seems to be going well. I agreed, but I told her I would keep my fortnightly appointment. One never knows…

6 thoughts on “Values, priorities, necessities

  1. Ah, my friend, I love that you put writing at the top of your list in response to NaNoWriMo. You are so productive, I’m surprised and impressed you are still seeking ways to be even more satisfied with how you spend your time. Congratulations! 😉

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    1. Thank you, my dear friend. I have not been good with my writing in the last couple of months and I am so behind my reading. At least, I am getting used to my new work so I can feel my old self almost: brain isn’t exhausted after a day’s work anymore.


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