Cinderella Reimagined #bookblast

Have you ever wondered about a different version of a classic fairytale? You get to read fourteen fun Cinderella retellings! Grab a copy and enjoy!

Thank you so much for the book blast, Ronel! You are as terrific as your stories!

Ronel the Mythmaker

I may have mentioned it once or twice that two of my stories were published in an anthology in 2017… Anyhow, here are all the details you need to get excited over retellings of the the classic Cinderella story.

Cinderella Reimagined: An anthology of Cinderella Retellings

Do you sometimes feel you are living a Cinderella life? Maybe there is a little Cinderella in all of us. Even your favorite guy best friend may have his happily ever after, Cinderella style.

Don’t take your shoe shopping routine for granted. You never know who might be there to help you try on your new perfect pair, a pair that may not be just ordinary shoes. A glass slipper could be magical or perhaps one left behind in need of a little TLC. Remember, magic dwells in the most unexpected places.

And do let some step-sisters surprise you. They are not all ugly…

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