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Excuses and Procrastination

This weekend is supposed to be perfect for writing. There are no social events and there is no renovation work since hubby is busy setting up their home automation business website. The weather is cooler, too, warning us that winter is upon us. Granted it is early days of autumn, but considering how time flies like a rocket in my world, I know that I will be piling on layers in what would feel like only a few days.

Yet, despite being glued to my chair in my writing corner, I did no writing whatsoever. Instead, while listening to the songs I loved last decade (and I realized that I still enjoy them), having found my old iPod during the cleaning and clearing out process, I tackled hundred of my saved images, with the hope of making it easy for me later to find pictures for my blog posts. Searching for images to go with my writing normally takes up more time than the actual writing. However, I question the usefulness of the exercise. I may have been better off resizing and labeling photos for my Food and Travel Blog as I would have at least managed to publish one travel post already on the line up.

Excuses & Procrastination (10)

I was procrastinating; preparing the images for the food blog posts was nothing but an excuse. Why are my food/restaurant photos not grouped or labelled, anyway? I should not be allowed to eat out or travel until all photographs are ready for blog use and I have published all the blog posts that I should have posted already.

The thing is with the interior remodeling (facelift, as preferred by a sweet and talented fellow writer here in this lovely WP community) of the house, I did not have a proper writing space. Suddenly, the dining table which previously sufficed was not appropriate for my writing anymore. It was always too full of hubby’s stuff, having converted the old messy office full of junk into a TV room which no longer served as a storage facility of hoarded odds and ends. I do like to keep some stuff, too, but I don’t have as many that spoil a space as countless of tools that only handymen and construction folks should have.

(I sometimes long for the days when all I need to do is pick up the phone even to replace a light bulb. It is nice to have a handyman in the house but if the house isn’t big and there is no specific storage space, if you don’t watch it, you could end up living where Niecy Nash and her whole crew of Clean House would need to come to the rescue. Sigh!)

Anyway, two weeks ago, I bought my new desk.

Excuses & Procrastination (2)

I added a new chair, too, last weekend.

Excuses & Procrastination (3)

I wanted a small desk so there’s no place for anyone else or their stuff. Other people’s belongings seem to spawn in my space, like the creepers in my child’s Minecraft game. So yes, finally, I have my own corner, which I have utilized but to do some work. Today is the first time I am sitting here to write… after some unavoidable distraction. It was also necessary to have a hot drink with doughnuts first.

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Something is wrong with me, surely. I am officially that writer who doesn’t write. Darn it! It must be equally dull and irritating to read about not writing, because I am tired of it and I am annoyed. I am sorry. Issues in my life…

But, at least, I got to attend Dave’s book launch. I will read his book and will report back. 🙂

I have to do better and write an actual piece of fiction or poetry. Writing about not writing isn’t writing really. More and more, it is clear that I need to be intentional and deliberate. I cannot wait for the perfect moment to come. I must make the best of all the spare time I have outside of work and family life…

…and Facebook, Instagram and Montecasino.

Excuses & Procrastination (9)


13 thoughts on “Excuses and Procrastination

    1. Ha-ha! About all I can manage these days. I shall not lose hope! My muse… or whatever left… is coming back. 🙂 Thank you for your s=continued support, despite the last few months of awful connecting from me. Much love and hugs.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d like to believe that, my dear friend. Thank you. It feels like forever since I was really writing, but I’m back. I’m working on something that I’d like to publish and maybe launch with Cinderella SA. 😊 I hope you’re still doing some writing outside of the blog as well. 😊🤗❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s great, Theresa! I am so happy that we are both moving forward in our writing and working on our goals. By the way, I am coming to the States at the end of the year. I must check how far is Seattle where I’m going… then again, maybe I have enough time to visit Seattle even if it’s nowhere too near LA. I think LA is nearest you of our stops. The other two being Vegas and New York. Or maybe you’ll come to LA for a day. *wink* I am in the States from Dec. 11, 2018 to Jan. 4, 2019. I’ll tell you more closer to the time but flights and some accommodation are booked so it’s a definite. 🙂 By then, we should have lots of news to share with each other and how much better is that going to be over lunch. 🙂 Hugs. xxx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh yay!!! That will be awesome!!! We can play tourist somewhere and maybe we’ll get lots of inspiration for stories. 😃🤔 Excitement will build up soon. 🤗❤


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