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Have a life!

No honeymoon period lasts forever. I was lucky to have had more than two months of utter bliss, or blissful ignorance.

I was left with my mouth hanging and eyes wide open. It was incredulous. I chatted to the affected person and we both felt discouraged. I guess we were disillusioned.

I had to process this little something in my brain after a small rant to an external soul. I hope not to talk about it with my girl friends, no matter how tempting. It is a trivial thing… that some people did to feel better about that probable nagging feeling of imminent futility.

I contemplated on taking it up with a higher authority. However, by bedtime, having silenced my ego, I realized that it’s best to leave it alone. For now. The time will come. The opportunity will come. After all, I have a life. I have a purposeful life (I think… I hope, ha-ha!) outside the four walls of the headquarters. I shall not descend to the tactics of those who are merely killing time.

I got to thinking how important it is to have a life.

I used to find significance and my usefulness in my career life. I always took pride in my work. When my son was young, he used to say that what I was really good at was work. It did not offend me. It was a compliment. I admitted that I kind of sucked at life.

So, I worked hard. I made work the most important thing in my life. I was convinced that my purpose in life had something to do with my work. Even when my dream changed from wanting to become a CEO or some sort of executive, work dominated my life. I saw me as a businesswoman. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People changed my mind about the corporate world, but I had my focus on entrepreneurship.


Have a life (4)

I don’t know when it happened, but it occurred to me one day that perhaps my purpose had nothing to do with my work itself but with the relationship I form and keep with people I meet at my work place. More recently, I was more content in my career life because I accepted that my purpose is outside of my work. Work is necessary. I don’t work less, and my good work ethics remain, but I do not expect work to complete me and be the reason for living. I do not need the prestigious position anymore.

I am happy being an average Jane at work because I know that I make the significant difference in my life outside of work. I have worthwhile relationships with people, in my world of writing and outside of it. The daily challenges work brings are more palatable because I like my family and social life a lot.

Have a life (3)

I may not know exactly what my life purpose is, but I am happy enough having a real life. Yes, I do have a life and it is good!

It is a wonderful life, outside of my good enough work, in my world of words and in the world I share with family, friends and loved ones. Cheers!

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12 thoughts on “Have a life!

    1. You are so right, Tony. I think we are able to do more and be more with less expectation. Other tend to underestimate the average Jane/Joe, I think.


      1. Theres a expectation of needing to climb a ladder to make everyone else think you are successful. But who really defines what success is? Perhaps its more grass roots and how you changed peoples lives for the better.

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      2. You hit the nail there. Who defines success? Whose standards are we using when we call ourselves successful or a failure? Is it important? Isn’t what matters how we (self/selves) and those special to us (maybe) view ourselves?


  1. ah, my friend, you are such an accomplished woman and accomplished human being! i love that you are writing more, I’m glad you have changed jobs recently to a place where you are move valued. Kudos! 🙂

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    1. It does seem that I’m on track. I catch glimpses of things that can be better, should be better, and should be replaced by the better 😃, but at least I am reminded of the important and what truly matter. Thank you for all the encouragement and support. Thank you for being around. ❤🤗😘

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