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Odyssey of a Woman

For the last forty-five years, I have been on an odyssey. Like the rest of humanity, I suspect, my life has never really been a straight line from birth to now. The line from now to death is not straight either, I just know it, although I don’t know how I know.

While I sometimes wish life could be predictable and smooth-sailing, without obstacles whatsoever, I am mostly pleased with life, like now. Despite doubts and apprehension, I went ahead with an idea, and it is only the beginning.

The idea is a book series, Crossroads and Conquests: Odyssey of a Woman, which is, in itself, a significant part of my journey.

Well, the first book in the series—the poetry—is out; both paperback and ebook. Here are the links to Amazon:

It might be a good idea to have an audible version…

As it always was, life proves to be exciting, even with challenges; perhaps, even more so with challenges. My life, not necessarily my writing life, was never straightforward. I have hit bumps on the road. I have stood on crossroads. Some paths were even rocky. But, I’ve had my little victories and slightly bigger triumphs. I hope to pick the right fork on the road ahead of me. I am confident that there are more conquests that await me.

I hope to see you along the way.

8 thoughts on “Odyssey of a Woman

  1. Check out Audioshelf in here in SA — they’re reasonably priced, will do all the distribution for you (their shop, audible, itunes, etc.), they’re professional, help you with everything (Devon went out of his way to get me an Afrikaans narrator even though they haven’t expanded into other languages yet), and the work is done in a reasonable amount of time.
    My audiobook got released yesterday on their platform (audible will be within the next week or so) and I’m quite happy with their service 🙂

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