How to Write Confidently

There are a lot of blog posts on writing and I suppose they all mean well, but I feel this one. It resonates with me. It makes sense to me. 😊 I hope it inspires you, too.

Amitav Chowdhury

  1. Read, but don’t read anything that fancies your eyes; the narrative should appeal to your heart.
  1. Try to think beyond the conventional. It is the writer’s ability to imagine a story that will reflect all the dimensions of life.
  1. Writing must be brave; do not conform to the usual storytelling ideas and never fashion your writing according to the set ideas.
  1. Write with a natural flow; fill pages after pages without even thinking about word limits. Words/number of words do not define writing, it is the creative aspect and ability to hold the reader’s attention longer.
  1. Writing isn’t for instant gratification. Don’t prepare a soup with the concoction of words and garnish of insipid lies. Writing will be in a soup!
  1. Write for yourself; determine whether you will read the same thing if you are an avid reader. Do not take the reader’s intelligence for granted.
  1. Stay away from plagiarism!…

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