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Some of you would know that I am involved in bringing out anthologies of retellings of classics. Well, the initiative is in its early stages. It is truly exciting, albeit slightly overwhelming for an accountant. Yes, this writer with an academic qualification in accountancy is going into publishing! I did envision a teen magazine back in the 80s, when I was a teenager in Zambia. It was going to be called “Andy Girl”. I already knew the regular contents, even featured special contents. I was excited. I never got to it, having pursued the world of finance instead of journalism.

So, here I am, thirty years later, with my subconscious winning, going into publishing. Who knows what lies ahead, right?

To mark this new-ish venture, Ronel, one awesome author involved in our Reimaginings Books, having written two stories for Cinderella Reimagined and an excellent dark fantasy retelling of Midsummer Night’s Dream, interviewed me about Reimagining Books for her AtoZ Challenge this year. Do check out all her posts for the AtoZ Challenge: Everything Writerly. She shares her knowledge generously and her articles are comprehensive, informative and unquestionably helpful. All writers would benefit from following her. She is a treasure chest!

Here is the link: Interview about Reimaginings Books #AtoZChallenge

I cannot re-blog as I already re-blogged over at Reimaginings Books. Your support of Reimaginings Books would be greatly appreciated. It would mean a lot. Do hit follow.

In my quest to reinvent myself, and pin me down if only for now, I redesigned my email signature. What do you think? 🙂

Signature - AJA

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