My Cinderella Murder Mystery Series Will Be Published In South Africa

I think I might just be more excited than Alexis. 🙂 Publishing is full of challenges but I also know that it is more than worth it. This is only the beginning, definitely!

Alexis Chateau

In April 2017, I accepted a challenge from Anne J to rewrite the Cinderella story with my own twist. Not surprisingly, I turned a wonderful fairytale into a murder mystery.

In the story, Cinderella is framed for her father’s murder and must convince the police that she is innocent. The story was published as 10,000+ words, separated into five installments, and was entitled Cinderella & the Black Ribbon at Fostel Hall

On February of this year, Anne J requested my permission to publish the series as part of an anthology. And as of April 11, 2018, I’ve signed on the dotted line with Anne J’s independent publishing house in South Africa, AM Publishing. The book is scheduled for release in South Africa by August 2018, with the possibility of release in the United States. Fingers crossed!

I know, I know. What you really want to know is whenthe witches’…

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7 thoughts on “My Cinderella Murder Mystery Series Will Be Published In South Africa

    1. Hi Christopher. Apologies, there I went missing again. Work, home and socials took over. On that note, we’ve decided something exciting regarding Cinderella. When I log in on laptop, I’ll go to your site and send you a personal message, an invitation. ☺

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      1. I’m still trying to desperately finish that short poetic play reimagining A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

        Various traumatic things in my life have been going on this month.

        I was only able to finally start it this past Monday.

        I’ve been working on it a little bit each night because it’s the only time I have during the day.

        Is the deadline still April 30th?

        I hope I’ll be able to finish it in time.

        I remember back in November 2011 I had entered a Western short story writing contest at Xanga blogging site.

        But that month the new apartment I had moved into just weeks earlier had bedbugs and the apartment manager of the building was acting like such an impotent bedwetter with a small penis about it, I was forced to move out of the apartment.

        As such I never got the short story written to my disappointment.

        Of course that month there was just one a- – hole who was creating havoc in my life.

        This month while I’m trying to write something else totally unique and different on my part, there seem to be several a- – holes creating havoc in my life.

        I’m just hoping I’ll be able to get it finished before April 30th.


      2. Hi Chris,

        Oh gosh! Sounds hectic. Sorry to hear that. And I’m so sorry I didn’t get to respond earlier. Towards the end of the month all the way to the first week or first10 days can get a little too busy for me and when home life also has demands, I end up neglecting my writer’s life.

        I did receive your manuscript. Thank you so much. We also allow some revisions especially after reading the submission and we feel it can improve. But if you’re happy with it, nothing to worry about. I will read your Midsummer this weekend. I am quite excited to read it.

        I hope life is better.

        Take care always.


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      3. Hi Anne,

        No everything is all right now.

        I wrote that comment back on April 28th – when I wasn’t sure I’d be able to finish the manuscript.

        I kept on running into people the week before that I didn’t want to meet (quite literally- they were very toxic people- I’m sure you’ve encountered the type) and trying to get away from them- well, let’s just say a lot of time was wasted before I got back to writing again.

        It was like I was under some sort of curse that week- I kept running into toxic people- and they kept wasting my time and I wasn’t able to get much writing done.

        But on Sunday the 29th, it was like a miracle took place.

        I was finally able to finish the manuscript and I’m satisfied with it. 🙂

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      4. Oh, I know the type, Chris. I’m sorry to hear that. They can be truly draining. They sap our creativity. Sadly, the negative seems to have stronger impact than the positive. Perhaps, the nature of things.

        I do like your poetic play a lot. You have an amazing writing talent. It sounds Shakespearean with the poetic tone. I did send you an email.

        As much as I’d like to hope for more time for writing, blogging and reading, the next two weeks, excluding work, are expected to be busy. I will do my best to sneak in moments here and there ‘though.

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