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Phoenix Rising

The Phoenix rises from the ashes. Me? Not so much! 🙂

I could say, I’m back from the dead… almost dead… perhaps.

AJ 20180602 (1)

This is my official apology for the unplanned, silent, temporary absence from WordPress. I am sorry for disappearing!

I thought I would be able to sit down to write, especially with so much I wanted to write.

I thought I could read some blog posts before sleeping, even in bed. I kept the emails that would link me to the blog posts, convinced that, like last time, I would be able to go through them all. Sometime between March and April, I did manage to read the old posts from end of last year to beginning of the year. Then, a weekly digest was left unread despite good intentions of attending to my reading before the next weekly digest. A week turned to a month…

I had to be realistic that I may not succeed in re-living March/April in June. I am sorry, I couldn’t keep the car idling. I had to turn off the ignition key. I had to delete the emails and forget about reading old posts. Please excuse me. I will have accept that I can only read some new blog posts.

Here I go restarting the engine…

AJ 20180602 (2)

I promise [to you], I will read as much as I can: time-, work-, home life-, social life-, and writing life-permitting.

I promise [to me], I will write more regularly, even if it means I write shorter posts. Waiting for a block of time that would allow me to write my usual, rather long, posts prevents me from writing/posting. It might be just another excuse from me, as previously admitted here, so I will not go there again. Same sentiment.

I only managed re-blogs from mid-April, after I shared with you here that I released the first book of [my] Crossroads and Conquests: Odyssey of a Woman. I realize that I’ve had almost two months of unintended break from the blog world. It is terrible! It seems I have been lazy. Hopefully, not so much. So, what have I been up to in the last couple of months?

To be fair, I wasn’t really lazy. I didn’t stay in bed, in my pajamas, doing nothing. I didn’t even binge-watch TV, except one weekend when my little princess and I binged on Boss Baby, the Netflix series, based on the movie.

I suppose, I focused solely on work. I was not working longer hours, and I didn’t have much more to do. I was simply processing a significant amount of information relating to the company’s operations in order to truly know what I am dealing with. Thus, I hardly had brainpower for anything else. I didn’t want to remain too ignorant about how the company does its business although I am not as technologically-inclined as hubby.  Consequently, I enjoy work more. I like it a whole lot more, although I still say that love isn’t there, as I said before. I did enjoy my trip to Port Elizabeth for work.

I had a busy couple of months, although sometimes I think I was a little lazy at the same time. However, I will not go there. I have written about this problem several times. Search for “excuses” and you will find them: here, there, and everywhere.

So, here are some of the reasons (a.k.a. excuses) for my absence.

Sun City 2018 (128)

It was my birthday last month. I went away for my birthday weekend with family and close friends. Instead of watching Harry and Meghan get hitched, I played golf. It was my birthday and I would golf if I wanted to. It was a lovely day.

Sun City 2018 (130)

This is the approach to the 18th hole… or is it the 9th? Did we start on the 1st tee or the 10th? Hmm…

FireRoom & Grill 20180523 (13)

There was also a lot of family time, not only because my eldest child (my daughter/sister) came home from California, but because my mother was ill and my father was home from Myanmar. The photo above was during dinner at FireRoom (Sushi and Grill) before we drove to Botswana.

Rodizio Gabs 20180527

We spent a weekend in Gaborone, Botswana. Above was during lunch at Rodizio before we drove back to Johannesburg. My little princess had that face because she didn’t have food to eat. She had her cellphone instead. Kidding.

Signature 20180606 (2)

Then, I found myself at another birthday party, where I had a fabulous time. With me in the picture above are people I had just met except for two. It is possible to have fun with folks you don’t know. It helped that we were brainstorming how to get a picture with one of the most important people in South Africa, who gave a wonderful speech as the keynote speaker. Similarly, the celebrant was not only inspiring but funny. Ntate (“father”) Andrew Mlangeni, Rivonia Trialist and Robben Island prisoner with Tata Madiba (Nelson Mandela), the “birthday boy” turned ninety-three.

Signature 20180606 (1)

There you go… I was at a dinner party with the President of South Africa, so I should be forgiven…? 🙂

See you all around!

Much love and hugs,


9 thoughts on “Phoenix Rising

      1. No, it’s Port Elizabeth South Africa.

        His grandfather Timothy Wood who paints pictures, composes symphonies and writes novels under the nom-de-plume SAREJESS lives in Port Elizabeth South Africa 🇿🇦.

        I’ve known Tim now for a dozen years having met him at a blogging site called Journalspace.

        When his grandson was born back in 2011, he asked me to be little Joshua James’ godfather.

        I have another godchild as well – Nyssa a goddaughter who lives in Delhi, India 🇮🇳.

        Her father Amit Dhawan I also met at a blogging site- an India based blogging site called Fropper back in 2007.

        When his daughter Nyssa was born in 2012, he asked me to be her godfather.

        So I’ve got two godchildren 🙂- living in two different parts of the world- and I’ve yet to meet both in person since I’ve never visited either South Africa or India although I’d like to someday.


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