Thoughts of Self

I would like to think that I appropriately alternate between being self-deprecating and self-important. Is it an art, or does it take practice, to know when to be one or the other?

Personally, I find that authenticity and honesty are the easy paths to cognizance. An added bonus is that when we are genuine and open, others, who are equally authentic, gravitate towards us.

There is no point in hiding behind masks or pretending to be the opposite of our truth. It takes no effort to recognize when someone is, in fact, being a smug, instead of modest. False humility is worse than conceit.

Stay true, dear friends.

Much love and hugs,

Anne ❤🤗

AJ 201607 (tiny)




In case you missed it, in April, I released ‘Crossroads and Conquests: Odyssey of a Woman: Poetry’. Both paperback and ebook are available on Amazon, at $5.49 and $0.99, respectively.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts of Self

    1. I like humility on steroids. 😃 I have inadequacy issues, too. I over-compensate. Perhaps, I should have used self-assured instead of self-important; less negative. 🤗


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