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Not all bloggers are writers. Some are photographers. All bloggers who write (about anything) more than share their pictures are writers, somehow. Not all writers are bloggers; they can simply be authors, poets, playwrights, etc., although it doesn’t make sense to not take advantage of additional exposure, unless of course there is absolute constraint of time.

I have thought about this previously. Then, fellow author and co-curator of Cinderella Reimagined, Theresa J. Barker, shared a post about her upcoming blog anniversary, and she asked about the community’s blogging: goals, blog’s development, and its worth. I might have hijacked her blog with my comment (copied below).

I think we mostly feel the same about blogging/blogging community. We love the community. I feel I have made some friends, [you being on top of my list,] although I tend to disappear at random depending on my life: work, home, social, mental state. Also, blogging and the blogosphere is an inspiration and an encouragement. I believe it’s more positive (than negative) for our writing (for the writers).

I was a writer, albeit one plagued with doubts and feeling of inadequacy, before I was a blogger. I had a blog which I started probably ten years ago (give or take), before blogging became popular. However, it was more like my public journal. It was mostly rant. It was mostly related to my mental health. It was without purpose. It had no audience. I eventually deleted it.

Then, I started “I think, I say, I do”, which, according to WordPress, is at least eight years old. I deleted the original (old) posts and about three years ago rebooted. Clean slate. The blog was [/is] still on what I think, say and do, although it has evolved and changed a few times. It is now Crossroads and Conquests: Odyssey of a Woman, which is the title of my new book series I’m working on, but it’s still about the same: me, my life, my writing, my challenges, my triumphs, etc. Even when I disappear, I come back. Sharing is the purpose, therefore, I am still here.

My travel and food blog hasn’t changed really. I’ve changed the tag line a couple of times but that’s about it. I enjoy sharing our travel and food related experiences although my backlog is a year long, because I experience way too much than I can write and edit photos.

As with life in general, our writing and blogging will change depending on many factors. I tend to go with the flow. I follow my instinct, or natural inclinations. I already HAVE TO be a working mother, so for my passion and interest, my writing is my LOVE TO DO, when it feels good. I merely need to trust that I love it enough, that I am passionate about it enough, to do it regularly without the strict schedule.

Obviously, my strategy will not work for those whose blogging or writing is the main source of income. I guess, I am lucky enough to be good at something else, which does not only take care of necessities and luxuries but also of my writing; financially, that is.

My hope is that I remain with the financial means to take care of me, my life and my writing AND the love and passion for writing. I sure hope to be around here with you all—bloggers and writers—for a very long time.

Are you a blogger or a writer or both? Why do you blog/write?

11 thoughts on “Blogging and writing

  1. That’s a very good question, Anne.

    Makes me want to Google the definition of blogger (which I’ll probably do after reading this).

    If a blogger is a person who writes at a blogging site, then I’m a blogger.

    But if there’s a more specific definition and what I generally write doesn’t fit that criteria , then I’m not a blogger.

    Just a writer who happens to write at a blogging site.

    I am definitely a writer.

    Most of my blog posts are either vampire novel chapters, short stories or poems.

    I hardly ever write about my personal experiences or write movie reviews or (God help the world!) post cooking recipes.

    I rarely post personal photos.

    So because I don’t do the latter, maybe I’m not a blogger.

    But I’m definitely a writer.

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    1. This is quite an input, Chris. Thank you so much. I actually never thought of looking up the definition of a blogger. I will ask Google-icious. 😀

      You are definitely a writer and I love your stories. I’m still getting to the reading routine return. Please, feel free to nudge me and send me over to your site to read your posts. I’m on a lottery system at the moment where I read what’s there when I happen to visit for reading purposes.

      On my author site, I have labelled myself as “Author, Blogger, Poet, Publisher”. I am not successful at any… just yet, as I am as an Accountant, but the Financial Controller title doesn’t fit here. Haha. I think I did include it on my Twitter and Instagram though.

      Take care always. ❤🤗

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      1. Thank you, Chris.

        And here we go…

        Cambridge dictionary says:
        someone who writes a blog (= a regularrecord of someone’s ideas, opinions, orexperiences that is put on the internet for otherpeople to read):

        That first dictionary that pops up says:
        a person who regularly writes material for a blog.

        You are a blogger! I baptize you, officially! 😀 The material isn’t specified. 😊🤗

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  2. Since I write articles on my blog in addition to rants and musings, I consider myself a writer. I write so therefore I am a writer. (I’ve also written for online publications in the past)

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    1. I agree with you! Thank you. 🤗

      Writers tend to doubt themselves, believing they are not writers. I avoided calling myself an author until I self-published my first book and contributed to and co-curated an anthology of Cinderella retellings. But, I just checked the exact definition of “author” and it’s a writer of a book, article or document. 😊

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