Random thoughts and ponderings on a Saturday morning

(Post written and prepared in a [little] hurry using a mobile device, Samsung Galaxy Note8 specifically, so if you come across typos and other errors, please excuse me.)

It’s a pretty good Saturday morning. Mother, from Botswana, who has been visiting my family and me here in South Africa, said she needs to test her blood sugar and BP.

So, hubby and I decided to do the same tests mom is doing…

Hubby had to prick his finger four times and my finger twice. He had to figure out how to use the little machine: FreeStyle Optium Neo. Finally, we got his 5.4 and my 5.6 blood sugar results. I have no problem with my sugar. (I love cakes but I only take a teaspoon in my coffee. Ha-ha!) Mom’s blood sugar is 11 point something. Not bad, even with all the eating we do.

Then, I took her BP: 141 over 71 (left arm) and 150 something over 70 (right arm). She says it’s quite high. I said it’s okay. And to show her, I took my BP.

This [highest] reading was the first, obviously erroneous.

I know my normal functioning is about there. I thrive on a “pressure cooker”. Stress is a necessary evil in my lifestyle. The alternative is boredom. Eventually, for me boredom causes stress. My “best” is about 135 over 80 something. I’m slightly over because I’ve been fine and I haven’t taken my BP med for the last couple of days, today included. Let me take it now. 😂🤣😆

The truth is that despite the illusion of lethargy (mine?), which is a leftover of winter, I have been pretty occupied. In the middle of my July month-end process at work (in the beginning of August), I damaged my personal laptop. (I used my own laptop for work because I didn’t want to get used to something new. I’m an Accountant… who writes.) I got my upgrade: this Gigabyte.

I know, hubby said I am spoiled, but not really because some colleagues have Macbooks they don’t need, like Uber drivers driving Lamborghinis.

It’s an awesome laptop but Office 365 couples with a possible wrong initial setup somewhere, I struggled with a powerful laptop that didn’t work. It works now, after hubby rescued the situation: fix setup, uninstall/reinstall, and sent Office 365 to hell and replaced it with a stand-alone MD Office. He said a power user of Office cannot use 365. I have to agree.

So, month-end, and work in general, handed me that little challenge. At the same time, I “woke up” when August arrived. I have a vacant apartment (until now/time of writing) for which I must pay the bank. I needed/need to get it furnished for a tenant… or for AirBnB.

I didn’t realize how much time it’s taking until mother observed that what we’re doing is like a full time job. That was where my weekends and time after work were going.

I also had days I felt I needed to replenish myself. My energy supply is finite. Acceptance of my limitations, work demands, other responsibilities, and life’s curveballs is in order. I’m giving myself some talking. Still, I am aware that to get things done, I need to be deliberate…

I need to do things on purpose. I cannot play my present by ear, at least not right now. There are a lot clamouring for my attention. So, I need to be intentional, and I better start with my thoughts.

Let me get on with those thoughts and with what needs to be done now.

Have a super Saturday and wicked weekend altogether!

Much love and hugs,

Anne ❤🤗

2 thoughts on “Random thoughts and ponderings on a Saturday morning

    1. Hi Chris. My mom does the testing at home. I check my BP regularly as well. I have that small machine at home. Even at 46, my BP6 reached last year the highest and scariest 215 over 125. Fortunately, I’m healthy overall, in all other aspects. My doctor was amazed that I was up and about, on my own, because others would have had a stroke and died. I think I thrive on stress. We just need the discipline to stick to lifestyle changes to not make our health worse. I hope you’re improving or maintaining. Take care.

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