Right, wrong and status quo

I understand that it is the responsibility of the good to say something, to not keep quiet, when they encounter the bad. Or the ugly. Therefore, if a supposed “good” person allows evil to prevail, is he really still good?

I ponder…

The thing is I don’t think I can right all the wrongs. The task isn’t mine.

It is not about the basis used for distinguishing wrong from right. I believe it is a cop out to say something isn’t only black or white. Some things are really just right or wrong.

So, when you accept the status quo, for whatever reason, out of necessity, is it a temporary situation or is it the founding of a new permanent? Later, when the compartments begin to crumble, do we keep our values and move on, or do we change the life principles by which we live?

For now, the sleeping dogs may continue to lie. There shall be no rocking of any boat.

The beautiful thing about life, paradoxically, is we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. It is a gift waiting to be opened.

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