Too spirited

Slowly, as days go by, you begin to realize the subtle crushing of your spirit.

Too spirited!

Perhaps not for long.

You become cognizant of how your spirits affect others. Little of those around you appreciate the sparks you add to the world; the majority fear the desire for change your spirit may ignite in others.

But your purpose…

8 thoughts on “Too spirited

  1. Thanks very much, Anne. ❤

    I needed this inspiring quote today.

    My spirits are really feeling crushed today.

    One of my housemates in the house where I rent a room was apparently using drugs in his room (which my other housemates and I suspected but couldn’t really prove) and today he had a really bad trip and tried to kill me.

    The police arrived in the nick of time and took him away.

    But I’m still really shook up about it.


    1. Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry to hear that. That’s awful. I would have been so scared. I’m glad that help arrived.

      I also haven’t been in the best place. We just keep on hanging on, to life and the passion that there is, and we remind ourselves of the higher purpose.

      I’m sending some positive vibes your way.

      Much love and hugs.

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