Joy & Sadness

It is one of those days…

…those days when no matter how hard I focus on the bright side of life, and all the reasons to be grateful and happy are out on display to be recognized and appreciated, I cannot escape the hollowness in my heart. The void is… well, unavoidable. (Excuse the sound of lameness.) I want to be happy. I am expected to be happy. I know that I have more than what a huge chunk of the population have. But, it isn’t about what I have or what I lack. Others may not understand the restlessness brought about by that nagging feeling that there is more to life, but it is there!

Surely, I was placed on earth for something more…

If only it didn’t bother me… if only for today.

Crossroads and Conquests

Joy & Sadness

This, too, shall pass.

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3 thoughts on “Joy & Sadness

  1. We are always placed on the earth for something more. There is always one more life we are supposed to touch, one more situation we are to help heal or add a positive note to…one more thing we are supposed to do. As we touch those lives that have been placed in front of us each day, we will be accomplishing “something more” until the “something more” comes along. We all feel that every day. It keeps us going, looking, learning and trying to be relevant in this hurting world! Love the post and the feelings! ❤ ❤ ❤


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