Being right is overrated

It is true. What I learned about life thus far still applies. Of many, one specific lesson has not changed: nothing stays the same. Everything in life is temporary. Nothing in life is constant, except death and taxes, you would say, of course.

I remain pondering…

Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy?

When I was younger, I was hell-bent on being right. I wanted to be right. Period! I was going to be right. Always!

When an old friend asked me that question [above], my answer was being right made me happy.

Eventually, I changed. I chose to be happy.

However, every now and then, the desire to be right re-surfaces. The “idealistic” me cries out. She screams to be heard. I tell her it’s not about ideals or values. We have been blessed with wisdom and we need to use it to determine the battles worth the fight. She is to avoid falling into the trap of those looking a false sense of victory, those who need their egos to be stroked. They want to stage a war. It is a power trip we should not be enticed to take, like guilt trip (but that’s a different story for another day).

Now, yet again, I find myself musing, albeit ever so slightly.

It is not a worthy battle.

I stand resolute. I shall continue to choose the happiness route. Being right is overrated.

When my authentic smile fails to show up, then I guess it’s an opportunity for me to test my acting ability. I reckon, I am multi-talented: I see sunshine more often than others do, and where I do not, I can pretend. It is an actor’s job to act.

After all, the purpose of my being can be found elsewhere, most probably. My life’s purpose does not reside where egos live and thrive.

6 thoughts on “Being right is overrated

    1. Hi Valerie. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, as always. I think, sometimes, we are forced to learn the lesson. We can only be so stubborn up to a point. And we are clever enough to know what’s good for us. 😁 Thank you. It is a pleasure to share my stories and thoughts. 🤗❤

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