One day

I cannot deny that one day I will wake up and realize that my hair has completely changed from black to grey.

Then, I will remember the days I started noticing the grey, slowly. I will remember that I told myself not to worry about it and that I would be better off leaving it alone, away from hair coloring.

(To dye my hair on a regular basis to hide one of the signs of aging could be problematic as well.)

I will remember the choice I made to accept the grey hair instead of opting for black hair, with bald patches.

I will remember that when I only had a few grey strands, I was already wise about life. At the time and age when I could still wear high heels every day, I was able to identify what was important and what was irrelevant.

I will remember that I already learned that in the bigger scheme of things, it was not worth sweating the small stuff.

(Looking at the big picture, I could see what I should overlook as much as I could pinpoint what could use my time and energy.)

I will remember that I could have lost it, unnecessarily, but I slept on it, and I woke up feeling brand new, just like the day.

But, before one day arrives, I have many new days. Who cares that each new day may bring a situation that stimulates the growth of grey.

2 thoughts on “One day

  1. That’s right! It’s not so big deal if you can be healthy. In my family it’s typical to get grey at young age like my brother who were totally grey already in his 30’s. I’m also getting grey and I’m 38 but it’s not the biggest problems in my life so I don’t care…

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