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The importance of being present

I have been “around”, but I suspect I was not truly present. I exist. I float. I flit, not in the British sense but like a small bird.

Not long ago, I was making (not made) a conscious effort to pay attention to my life. The intention was good. It was a work-in-progress. Sadly, it slowly and silently faded. (Do leave my adverbs alone, please.)

Where did half of my August the whole of August, September, October, November, December (2018), January and more than half of February (2019) go?

My month-end process, that culminates around mid-month, slightly earlier, once I produce the monthly Management Report, can leave me exhausted at the end of the day. It does.

At least, I started my voyage back to the writing world, albeit not quite the blogosphere. I guess, I don’t really leave the community; I float around here.

Competing also for my attention is the new not-so-new (and empty furnished) apartment I bought in February, which transferred in July. Limited funds send us to time-consuming searches for the furniture, appliances, and all other necessities, like linen, kitchen utensils, etc. Nowadays, we dedicate some time to get the place ready for guests. We are one of the many AirBnB superhosts.

Then, there is the need to replenish my energy supply on weekends. I either do nothing, fidget with anything, or play Pokemon Go. Yes, there are some of us who still play. We are a pretty awesome community, actually, much like my blogging community.

I found this draft originally written on August 18, 2018; yes, last year. Time flies. If I’m not careful, years would fly past and I wouldn’t know where they went.

I am back. I might find myself absent again here and there, now and then, but I have to accept that what is important is I come back. Like many, I will fall, and like some of those who fall, I will get up again and dust myself off. I understand the importance of being present. I also believe in not giving up.

I know I have shared this song here before but it’s my happy song. I am like Poppy? Maybe, because I don’t like her too much. I could definitely be a Poppy.

2 thoughts on “The importance of being present

    1. Totally! My happy songs lift my spirit. I also have a couple of go-to Christian songs (local Filipino in e nglish language) and they comfort me. Music help me in challenging times.

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