My heart’s desires

I long for an equal playing field where determining factors exclude family or relations, color or creed, gender or sexuality, age, or even length of legs, type of hair, size of waistline, and the like, and where we are all treated the same, unless the job calls for thin, long legs that carry a bony body to hold a dress.

I dream of a world where respect is earned, not carelessly given because it is expected, for any reason. I cannot, and I should not, automatically turn on the respect switch just because I stand before someone older, family relation or otherwise.

I yearn to be where merit holds a place of importance.

I wish there were no two-faced beings on earth. Instead, everyone has the right character to deal with each other properly.

Won’t our planet be a better place in which to live if it eradicated not only hunger and wars, but also racism, favouritism, discrimination, etc.??

Peace. Equality. Abundance.

In a perfect world inside my head, women could and do speak freely, even among men.

Oh, what a wonderful world it would be if wives and girlfriends could express their thoughts and opinions openly, sincerely and honestly…

If only we didn’t pause deliberately and hold our tongues while in conversation with our partners.

Won’t it be simply the best if we lived in a place where neither rape nor abuse or violence of any kind against women and children existed?

Ah, my heart’s ultimate wishes.

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