A to Z Challenge 2019

A to Z Challenge – Theme: My Favorite “Stuff”


If you happen upon one Travel | Golf | Food blog, perhaps you might have seen my introductory A to Z Challenge post. As I said, I had intended to prepare the first few posts this past weekend but I seem to always allow life to happen. C’est la vie!

Please allow me to start playing catch up even in the beginning of the challenge. I should be caught up by this coming weekend at the latest. I shall do my utmost.

For now, I would like to share my rather broad theme for my first try at blogging from A to Z. While I chose “Places” for my Travel | Golf | Food blog, since Crossroads and Conquests (this blog) is the blog version of my life: thoughts, writings, conversations and experiences, I thought I should share with you the A to Z of my favorite “stuff”. “Stuff”, of course, can be just about anything. Do please excuse me. Should I successfully complete this challenge this year, I promise to do better next year.

My Favorite “Stuff”

01-Apr-19 Monday A ABBA
02-Apr-19 Tuesday B Barcelona
03-Apr-19 Wednesday C Crazy Rich Asians
04-Apr-19 Thursday D De La Salle University
05-Apr-19 Friday E Evita
06-Apr-19 Saturday F Fun and Food (Eating Out)
07-Apr-19 Sunday
08-Apr-19 Monday G Gallivanting and Golf
09-Apr-19 Tuesday H High Tea
10-Apr-19 Wednesday I I (as in myself)
11-Apr-19 Thursday J Jimmy Choo
12-Apr-19 Friday K Karaoke
13-Apr-19 Saturday L Lindt Les Grandes Dark Chocolate
14-Apr-19 Sunday
15-Apr-19 Monday M Montecasino
16-Apr-19 Tuesday N New York Public Library
17-Apr-19 Wednesday O Oysters
18-Apr-19 Thursday P Pokemon Go
19-Apr-19 Friday Q Queen
20-Apr-19 Saturday R Reimaginings
21-Apr-19 Sunday
22-Apr-19 Monday S Shoes
23-Apr-19 Tuesday T Travel
24-Apr-19 Wednesday U Uniqueness
25-Apr-19 Thursday V Vacations
26-Apr-19 Friday W Writing
27-Apr-19 Saturday X xls
28-Apr-19 Sunday
29-Apr-19 Monday Y Yellow
30-Apr-19 Tuesday Z Zen

As it is now 1:45 in the morning, the 2nd of April, and I have a full time job, I will post my “A” (ABBA) later tonight. Fingers crossed.

AtoZ Favorites (featured image)

Much love and hugs,




Changes made during the challenge:

H – from Hershey’s to High Tea, because I do love high tea more than Hershey’s although Hershey’s is more convenient and less pricey…

6 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – Theme: My Favorite “Stuff”

    1. Hi Duncan. Thanks so much for dropping by and the good luck wish. 😁 I will definitely follow your posts. I must say I am looking forward to the whole trilogy. 😁 Much love and hugs. ❤🤗


    2. Hello again. I checked out your post and the church is indeed beautiful! I tried twice to comment but it wouldn’t save even after logging in to my Google account.


  1. Good luck and have fun! I haven’t heard about this challenge before 🙂 Maybe next year I’ll participate haha. Focussing on a yoga challenge and a readathon this month already XD


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