A to Z Challenge 2019

“C” is for Crazy Rich Asians

This is my entry for “C” for the A to Z Challenge.


Last year, Crazy Rich Asians (CRA) saw many Asians going to the cinema to watch a movie more than once. Mothers and daughters went together. The ones who have seen the movie and absolutely loved it took other family members and friends to watch the phenomenon of a movie. I watched it, in the cinema, six times!

Yes, I went to the movies six times to watch CRA. It is the movie I have watch the most in the cinema. I watched Brendan Fraser’s and Alicia Silverstone’s Blast from the Past three times. I watched Mamma Mia (the first movie) three times. I watched Mamma Mia Here We Go Again twice. So silly, right? Six!

On its release date in South Africa, I watched it with my mother who was visiting us from Botswana. The next day, I went with hubby and my two of my best friends. Then, I went with my son and his friends. I took other friends to see it the other three times.

I was still crazy over Crazy Rich Asians when we went to the States last December so it was expected that it would be my first inflight movie en route to New York. The blu-ray (with dvd, as well as digital version) was in my first shopping bag and I happily went back to the hotel on our first day in Brooklyn with my favorite movie, Crazy Rich Asians, and favorite cookies, Chips Ahoy (especially the chewy… and Reese’s cup).

Brooklyn (11).jpg

It must be disappointing though that despite being a writer, or so I claim, and should therefore be reading regularly, I had not heard about the books until the movie. In fact, I ordered the books online after watching the movie. What is worse is I have not even started reading the first book.

CRA Trilogy

Why do I love the movie so much?

Representation, which was discussed a lot since the release of the movie, has no relevance to me. I am not in Hollywood and I have no problem relating with characters in stories. I have always been a banana…

Ah, there we go! I am a banana, as much as Rachel is a banana. I am not Chinese, though.

Henry Golding in Crazy Rich Asians is Brendan Fraser in Blast From The Past. Perfect Men! Do they exist? But, I am a sucker for a Cinderella story. And, it is more than a Cinderella story. It has so much more.

I love Astrid. Like Rachel, I want to be Astrid when I grow up! Sadly, I am not only grown up and an old lady.

The comedy is another thing to love here. And Michelle Yeoh, of course! The rest of the cast cannot be ignored either. Gemma Chan is just gorgeous. Akwafina and Ken Jeong were hilarious. Kevin Kwan and Jon M. Chu must be very proud!

(There is so much about Crazy Rich Asians that you can find online so I will not repeat anything here. Suffice it to say that I agree with the good stuff said about CRA. I am already looking forward to the next installment.)

As soon as I am done with the A to Z Challenge, I will get on with my personal reading challenge: finish reading the trilogy, if at all I don’t manage to read anything else this year (which is terrible, so I will do my best to read more). Then, I will do a comprehensive review. I might also express how jealous I am of Kevin Kwan. I would have loved to be the one to first write a phenomenal modern love story and drama of Asian folks. It might help if I have Asian (as opposed to generic?) characters in my stories.

AtoZ Favorites (featured image)

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6 thoughts on ““C” is for Crazy Rich Asians

    1. You have got to watch it. I think it is not only for Asians. It’s also very funny. They did an awesome job. Apparently, the book has more. I will know when I finally read it. There are also another two books. It’s a trilogy.

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  1. I’m so behind in watching movies! I am keeping to my reading schedule, though. The Goodreads reading challenge really helps with that 🙂 I’ve found a lot of great books only after they’ve become movies, so don’t feel bad about that. There are waaay too many new releases every day for one to keep up with it — even as an author.

    Ronel visiting from the A-Z Challenge with Music and Writing: There’s Only One C…

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