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“F” is for Food and Fun

This is my entry for “F” for the A to Z Challenge.


I am still about two days behind in the challenge that I am contemplating on saying, go to my Food and Travel blog (by clicking here) and you will see that “F” is indeed for Food and Fun, because my entry there for “F” is Five Guys and Fireroom.

Did you see what I did there? It’s 2 o’clock in the morning and I have a day job. *grin*

Yes, that’s right, my favorite “F” stuff can only be food and fun. I used to love fashion but old age, lack of time, blah-blah have changed me. I wear the same clothes over and over because I use my hard-earned money from my day job eating out. See for yourself. Go to Travel | Golf | Food, click on the Menu button and choose the category “Food”. You’d think my favorite “F” is foodtraveltour.com.

Let me explain the eating out part: I don’t cook. I can cook but I am not a good cook. I also don’t like to cook. Cooking takes up too much time. Eating out also takes up a good chunk of personal time but it’s fun. No one is getting oil splatter and there are no dishes. I also have to blog. If I cook, I cannot blog… or play Pokemon Go. *chuckle*

I used to order food from a Filipino lady…

I stopped having Filipino food catered because I tend to eat a helluva lot and I have added some unwanted inches and pounds.

I like all sorts of food: Italian, Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Cakes and Krispy Kreme.

We have some favorite restaurants in Montecasino. Our best ones are the places that give us 20% discount. We have casino rewards cards. These are like our own personal dining rooms. The staff knows us and we know the staff. It’s like Cheers, except we eat instead of drink. Sometimes, we drink, too.

Aarya at the Sunsquare (by Masterchef winner, Deena)

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I still plan to have a separate blog on Aarya, as I planned last year in January. It will still happen this year. I have got to use the photos of the food.

Beira Alta

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Time constraint prevented me from adding more images. It takes time go through all the images, select, re-size, and label. As with Aarya, I will still do a separate blog for Beira Alta.

Fego Caffe

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We do venture out sometimes (although “out” doesn’t mean “not in Montecasino”), but we don’t frequent these restaurants because they do not value the color of our rewards card and they either do not give any discount or 10% or 20% on two meals.

La Rosa

Food (La Rosa) (1)
Hussar Grill

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The one restaurant not in Montecasino to where we go for food and fun is Hooters in Emperors Palace. It is a favorite. We love the wings, curly fries and sliders.

Food (Hooters)

Being in the Philippines is worse. I think I eat more there than anywhere else. Perhaps, I miss the Filipino food.

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To be honest, because I love to eat, I do not say no to food. However, I did tell my cousin that there was no way any of us, even if they wanted to be so generous to us, would pay almost $100 for a steak, even if it’s at Gordon Ramsay Steak in Las Vegas. We all agreed and settled for Gordon Ramsay Burger. There is always a long queue to get in but we were lucky not to wait long. The burger is the most expensive burger I’ve had. It was pretty good. My completely clean plate, having devoured the burger, will be shown when I blog about Gordon Ramsay’s burger place or Las Vegas.

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It is fun to try a celebrity chef’s food.

Then, there are those rare moments when you have dinner with the country’s President. The fact that we were not sitting at the same table did not matter. We were at the same birthday dinner party. And it was a whole lot of fun! And, because it’s at Signature in Rivonia, the food was outstanding. I must also still do a separate blog on that.

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Family + Friends + Food = Fun!

It’s correct, I promise. I am an accountant.

AtoZ Favorites (featured image)

Much love and hugs,


8 thoughts on ““F” is for Food and Fun

    1. Food and fun should be everyone’s favorite. 😝😁 I think it’s worth it. Hubby wasn’t as convinced as I was but when he learned more about Gordon Ramsay’s burger, being everything from scratch, etc., I think he was converted. It’s worth at least once, but I will have it again personally. 😊


  1. Mouth-watering images! I think I should start planning dinner… I like to cook 🙂

    Ronel visiting from the A-Z Challenge with Music and Writing: Fleeting Fancy

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