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“G” is for Golf and Gallivanting

This is my entry for “G” for the A to Z Challenge.


Despite my plan and intention to get closer to “caught-up” status, I am even more behind in the challenge. Most participants would have their “J” published and shared already. I am still on “G”. If only I didn’t go gallivanting too much…


There was a time when gallivanting meant window shopping, or shopping. Years before that time, there was another time when I would spend the whole weekend in the mall. I do not remember the last time I was window shopping or walking around the mall to shop.

These days, I go to the mall and shop like a man does. I know, it’s a stereotype; forgive me. I know what I need, I know in which shops I would most likely find them, and I go straight there. I don’t really have an option as I make it to the mall just before the stores close.

(I’m probably lying; I still go shopping and gallivanting when the opportunity arises. We even go for high tea in between shopping.)

There was also that time when I was determined to learn to play golf, them later improve my game, so I bought into the Golf Resorts Club. Gallivanting was golf’s perfect match. The best thing about golf and gallivanting going hand-in-hand is we get to have fun as a family.

(Below are super short videos)

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Golf is a great way to spend time. Beautiful scenery is before you, behind you, all around you. It is an opportunity to enjoy nature. It is a terrific time with family and/or friends. Then, there are the cocktails. at the end of the game.

However, with other commitments, priorities, etc., golf has taken a backseat. We play less nowadays. It is quite an expensive hobby. Although we play in town (in the city), we like (liked?) out-of-town golfing, thus, the Golf Resorts Club. We would visit golf courses in other provinces and have a short vacation. The resort units are considered high-end compared to the “standard” units. Golf Resorts Club units came with golf carts. The fact that travelling is part of the package makes is even more enojyable. Even the little one is used to road trips, overseas travels and gallivanting in general.

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I have grown a little bigger sideways and I weigh about ten kilograms more now so I’m also a little less excited dressing for golf because I don’t look good in my golf outfits anymore. I mean, I don’t fit in my golf outfits anymore.

Intramuros Golf Club, Manila, Philippines

Golf will always be my sport. It is also because I am incapable of playing any other sport. I continue to play golf even if I am terrible at it because it’s relaxing to be in nature. It is pretty. I even play with work colleagues on golf days. Hubby played in the States but I didn’t. I didn’t want to “waste” a checked-in bag on a golf bag. In the Philippines, I carried my golf clubs but not the bag. Hubby always insisted on carrying his humongous tour bag as though he is a pro. Maybe because I used to stalk m favorite golfer, Henrik Stenson. I flew to Cape Town to watch him. I watched him here in Johannesburg. I went to Sun City to watch him. Yes, I was a stalker.

Sometimes though, we get all dressed up and head to KwaZulu-Natal for the Vodacom Durban July (“the July”). This is one of the rare times I get made up. You never know with whom you will be rubbing shoulders. Mainly, we watch a bit of horseracing and we bet on the horses, mostly ignorantly, so we lose much more than we win. We also drink a lot of champagne, eat, laugh, and dance. We have a whole lot of fun! Even posing for photographs.

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We have been to the July three times. The first time (below), I went all out. I didn’t know what it was about. I even paid to have my make up and hair done. By the second time, I went to the make up department of a store and had the make up artist (a.k.a. sales assistant) do my make up for free in exchange for products purchases. Last year (above), I did my own make up and I simply washed and blow-dried my hair. The novelty has worn off but it is still fun.

Then, there are those even-rarer-than-rare opportunities when you get invited to the launch of the equestrian center of the most exclusive and expensive housing (golf and equestrian) estate in the city.

It is obvious I love horses and champagne.

The beach? Not so much! We do go to the beach but it’s not a favorite. I get cold quickly, I don’t want to get too tanned and I actually can’t swim (although that picture of me on a backstroke might fool you… not).

Oh, I remember when I last “shopped”/window shopped. As if I will forget I finally made it to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills…

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Much love and hugs,


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