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“H” is for High Tea and Hotels

This is was going to be my entry for “H” for the A to Z Challenge. I failed to complete the challenge. It happens…


Michelangelo Women's Day 2017 High Tea (1)I am aware that I am referring to Afternoon Tea and not the real High Tea, which was supper for the working class back in the old days. I don’t mind being called ignorant and the upper class can roll their eyes at me. Call me pretentious for wanting Afternoon Tea and calling it High Tea but I am not crazy about the sound of Afternoon Tea. It’s so afternoon and so tea. More importantly, no one calls the working class’s supper high tea anymore so perhaps they can come down their high horse and just go with us commoners and call the light meal with the fancier-sounding name High Tea. Sandton’s 5-star hotel Michelangelo also refers to it as High Tea, and I am happy in that company.


We can just agree to change the name so we all know and understand that in these modern times of robotics, AI (artificial intelligence) and big data, we have that in-between meal when we drink tea, coffee, juice, wine, water or just about anything really (although the free drinks exclude juices, wines, cocktails, and other alcoholic drinks) while we eat some finger foods such as scones, little pieces of sandwiches, french macarons, cup cakes, cakes, tarts, sushi… yes, sushi! …and some other finger foods.

If we have accepted “sick” to mean not only “unwell” but “cool” or “awesome” or whatever the young people mean, we can leave Afternoon Tea for Kate and Megan and we can have our High Tea.

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Above: High Tea at Michelangelo in Sandton (2017)

Not everyone likes going for High Tea. You might be one of them, as much as one old friend of mine isn’t into it. She said she likes more substantial food, like meat and starch, I suppose, which is the traditional high tea. She doesn’t like cakes, pastries and sweet treats. I told her that Michelangelo and The Palace of the Lost City also serve sushi [at high tea] and D’oreale Grande Hotel serves short ribs. She said she would rather have late lunch at the same time I’m having my high tea, especially when her late lunch could cost half of what I pay for high tea. Another friend of mine doesn’t see its value at about R295.00 per person. That is, more or less, the going rate at normal 5-star hotels. Other hotels, such as The Palace of the Lost City, charge in excess of R350.00 per person. Our high tea at Royal Livingstone came out much more expensive than that of Michelangelo because of the exchange rate.

Above: High Tea at Royal Livingstone in Zambia (2014)

I know that not only hotels serve high tea but I prefer to go to hotels for high tea because I like hotels, too. Let me be specific: I like fancy hotels. 5-star hotels are first prize for me, but South Africa has some good 4-stars and even 3-stars. Sun International and Tsogo Sun are my good hotels. Peermont’s and Protea’s 3-stars are not really for me, while their 4-stars are okay. The City Lodge group is also fine, and the Hiltons and Radissons are even better, but I guess I tend to favor the hotel groups with casinos here at home. Of the hotels I have visited, my favorite one is Tsogo Sun’s Palazzo. I loved the Palace of the Lost City, but it’s not so affordable.

If you happen to stumble upon my food and travel blog, my love for hotels and high tea becomes obvious. In town, my favorite hotel is the Palazzo, about 5km away from home. You have got to love a hotel to stay there when home is around the corner. And we’re not staying for a night or two, we pop in.

A little farther from home, although only about two and a half hours away, in the North West Province, is The Palace of the Lost City in Sun City. We have only stayed there once and it was only because there was a winter promotion that was affordable.

Palazzo. Palace. Same thing. It makes me wonder if I secretly or subconsciously dream of being a queen (since I’m too old to be a princess). Hmm…

Some people get excited to camp. I love hotels. What’s not to love?

It’s Mother’s Day today; a perfect day for high tea. Spoil the special mothers in your life.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers!

Much love and hugs,


8 thoughts on ““H” is for High Tea and Hotels

    1. Thank you so much, Elise. High tea is so wonderful. We can’t help loving it. 😊

      Thank you also for reading many posts of mine. Much appreciated!


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