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Granted that both “books” and “birthdays” start with the letter “b”, but why would I use books out of their usual place as my featured image? I call the image “Books displaced”.

Often, as my birthday draws close, I begin to ponder. I seem to use the impending another-year-older moment as my time for some introspection. Just like my books, I think of myself as slightly displaced, albeit not always.

A week or so before, my determination was strong. I even played around with a few images and added some texts. I believe I strive to live by those words.

Still, the uneasiness lingered. I had to do something. Expectedly, I would turn to one of my passions: shoes. I had become frustrated with the failure of the wobbly plastic shoe racks. Most of my shoes are high heels. They then get stuck with each other.

Shoes (1)

I couldn’t help but wish I had more money for a bigger house with a walk-in closet. A friend said perhaps a walk-in wasn’t the solution but an extra room. Either would work. Since I have neither, I had to process the negative emotions. The internal chaos had to be one with the external mess.

Shoes (2)

Finally, decisions had to be made. One decision was rather a challenge. I had to convince myself to let go of two pairs I love but are a size smaller. I did wear them a few times but after several hours, they would not be comfortable. Feet tend to swell, after all. I also had to acknowledge that with the extra weight I now carry, my feet are a little fatter.

Shoes (3)
Goodbye, Jimmy! Goodbye, Steve!

Fortunately, I tend to favor certain brands and there will be a number of other Jimmys and Steves sticking around to keep me company and make me feel good.

The two pairs found a new home. I am happy that an old friend will get to enjoy them. The rest of the shoes found a new home, too. Well, half of them.

I do need to buy another small bookcase for the other shoes that do not have boxes anymore. I am glad that I kept the Jimmys and Steves in their boxes. They can stay in for now… until I can afford a home with a walk-in closet or a spare room especially for my shoes and clothes. I am not into clothes as I am into shoes though.

Thus, I have some displaced books…

Books displaced (upload)

I am kidding! I was rearranging the house. Again! The house has been a work in progress for a long time now. I hope to get it to that state where I look around me and feel the sense of satisfaction. This year would be great!

Then, it was time for my birthday! I took a break from the mental and psychological exercises that occupied my time and enjoyed the sunshine with family and friends.

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Girl (Poem)

This pretty much sums up the last week. I do hope that you are all having a wonderful autumn, or spring (if you’re in the northern hemisphere). May your life be beautiful every day!


AJ's BDay 47th (8)

Much love and hugs,


5 thoughts on “Birthdays

    1. Thank you so much!!! ❤🤗

      Almost a month later, I am reading my comments. 🙈😫 I’m sorry. My broken record keeps playing the struggle with creative juices tune. I have lost my muse. Procrastination prevails. My pen is out of gas. I have to find something to get me back on track, even slowly, but surely.

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