Poetry · Shorts

Poets and poetry

What’s the matter with them?

They want not any rhyming poem.

These poets of present time,

Don’t they know how to rhyme?

Whatever then!

© 2019 Anna Jailene Aguilar



I’m just having fun with this super short post. Peace!


3 thoughts on “Poets and poetry

    1. Haha! Thanks so much, Jackie. You are so right! I don’t think I rhyme a lot these days. I think the rhythm works well enough, too. I think I get lucky when I find rhyming words that best express what I want to say in poetry.


      1. I recently came across a blog post asking for poetry submissions but then they said, Please no rhyming poems.

        I myself write both rhyming and non-rhyming poems whenever the mood suits me.

        I usually find my rhyming poems the more surprising since usually I take my poem in a direction I never thought of going when I have to find a word that rhymes with the previous line.


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