Evil, death and a paltry existence

Only a creature so evil–with a soul as black as a moonless night, and without a heart–will say about someone’s death: “What goes around comes around”. Unquantifiable despise for each other is no reason to utter such vile words.

I, too, sometimes fantasize about a more permanent solution to an unpleasantly problematic person, but in the midst of such dark desires, an ever so slight guilt, in the least, comes to the fore. Some humanity within prevails. I feel pity! I empathize for a life devoid of purpose. Death can never be anyone’s karma for being less nice or even downright ugly.

After all, the best and most appropriate karma for innumerable bad deeds is a miserably long execrable existence, sans love, contentment, satisfaction and peace of mind, and where the seven deadly sins thrive.

I wrote that on Tuesday. I was shocked at the ugliness in humanity. I am still appalled when the memory of it comes back. And I can’t seem to shake it off yet.

I am truly horrified! I cannot believe I share a space in my world with this human who is capable of saying something so horrific. I work with such a creature. He is a sad, sad being.

7 thoughts on “Evil, death and a paltry existence

  1. I understand. I listened to a woman talk about her abusive father and then came home and watched a family on the news get in a physical fight with each other at Disneyland. I couldn’t sleep thinking about how people can be so hateful and evil! It am taken aback each and every time I see or hear of such cruelty. Fortunately, there are kind and wonderful people on the earth!!! For this I am truly grateful!

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    1. Oh, it’s so true, Valerie; thankfully, there are really wonderful and kind people to compensate for the evil. I do my best not to dwell on the negative and bad and focus on the good. What we think about come about! We must send out to the universe more positive vibes. We only need to be aware of the evil to protect ourselves.

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