Passing thoughts…

What bothers you about people? Do bad people upset you? I don’t mean criminal bad or pure evil bad. That’s pretty obvious. I mean nasty, spiteful, inconsiderate, self-centred otherwise would-have-been-good people.

With my guards down, bad people get to me. They get under my skin and I just want to crawl out so I am not in the same space.

On good days, I shrug off the negative and my happy-go-lucky self goes on its merry way practically unaffected by just about anything.

But, not every day is a good day. I prefer to acknowledge reality, the what-is, the fact or truth, instead of pretending everything is going fantastically in line with the ideology of positive-thinking. This way, I am able to take care of what needs to be tackled. You can’t fix something that your mind says needs no fixing, right?

Sometimes, you allow bad people to extinguish your fire, not because they’ve won and you’ve lost, but because your spirit is wasted in their insignificance.

Always enjoy your own life where you are truly living.

Much love and hugs,

Anne J

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