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Job, Career and Vocation

Do you know the difference between your job, career, and vocation? What is your job? Career? Vocation?

In my current job, I am a Financial Controller at an internet/telecoms service provider.

Sometimes, I dislike where I work, some people at work, how I work, and even specific functions or actions. I struggle to get out of bed to get to the job, but not because I don’t want to do finance and/or accounting.

I have a career in finance and accounting. I love what I do. I like numbers. I have liked Mathematics since high school. I like the world of commerce. I even took Commerce as a subject when I was in high school in Zambia. So, when I chickened-out to study Medicine in university, although I loved Biology as much as I did Mathematics, I turned to Accountancy.

I am not quite sure if writing is my vocation. For now, I might call it a hobby, similar to my Pokemon Go. But, I seem to strongly believe that writing is my means to my purpose. I feel that my calling is bigger than writing, but I could write to live a life of purpose.

I suspect that I am here to live the best life I can, making the best of everything. My life is meant to be filled with love, joy, peace, and abundance. And, I am to share this life of mine, in person and in words, with those who are meant to be part of my life, no matter the degree of the part they play.

I may not have this quite pinned down but I’m pretty okay with what I know and have so far.

I started this contemplation while and after reading an article on LinkedIn, which is actually the transcript of the podcast, where Eat, Pray, Love author, Elizabeth Gilbert chats about the calling and career. Here is the link: Liz Gilbert on Calling vs Career.

The job is okay. It is the one thing you can replace when it no longer serves you or your purpose. Your purpose is rarely in your job.

However, even with a change of jobs, you can keep your career. I will still be in finance and accounting, most probably…. unless, suddenly, my writing takes a turn for the best and it becomes my career. It is a dream.

Perhaps, writing is a calling, too. I certainly wouldn’t mind being a Liz Gilbert copycat. I’d take writing for a career and calling. I’ll take it as my job, too.

What about you?

Much love and hugs,

Anne J

4 thoughts on “Job, Career and Vocation

  1. Ah! Ikigai… Goes right along with my last article. This is one of those ideals that I think few could actually achieve. Firstly, not everyone has a “passion”. And even those who do may not want to taint it with the responsibility of turning it into a career. And that assumes one “loves” something others need. A friend who was a professional photographer also once advised me that turning something he loved into mere “work” was the greatest mistake of his life.

    For myself, I simply compartmentalize. I was good enough at something needed to be paid for it. And the money provided a great tool for doing the things I enjoy, while not having to worry about the rest.

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    1. It’s nirvana for those who achieve Ikagai. It’s going to be my utopia. You’re right, though. It might still not be the best for everyone. That whole “find what you love and you won’t work a day in your life…” could just be one of those new age mumbo jumbo spiel thingiemajiggie…

      I believe in compartmentalization. I do my best to keep at it. I’m just battling with it. I was reading on it last year and I made some notes. I’ll go back to it. I read this defense/coping mechanism cannot last and eventually, we either change our values or… I can’t remember. I’ll get back to you on that. 😊

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