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A pause in time

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Perhaps, the mundanities of daily life are killing my dreams, erasing the vision in my head.

Every day, this world, where I don’t belong, sucks me in.

My passion wears away.

I am a rock, eroding.

My fire is extinguished and my spirit dies a little each time.


It’s exhausting!

Am I weakening? Am I weak?



I need some time.

I retreat…

…where deep down, a flicker of light shines.

A tiny sparkle sits silently, unseen, in the midst of noise and doings. That’s all it takes.

Where welcome, where it thrives, where it is appreciated, and where those around deserve the incessant bursts of sunshine, my spirit resurfaces.

The passion inside of me never did diminish.

I don’t think it ever will.

With much love and hugs,

Anne J


P.S. There is always a reason. For everything.

6 thoughts on “A pause in time

    1. Hi Valerie. Thank you so very much for your kind words. I didn’t realize I needed them until I read them. Perspective… You know, I just need to turn my gaze elsewhere. I can instead listen to love and warmth, to care and kindness, and block out the unpleasant. Much love to you. Thank you! 🤗❤

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