A writer, a life, a city

4 years & 1,000

Must you set a determined goal–must you be deliberate at blogging–to be successful at it. Does knowing your reason or your clear purpose why you blog help you succeed at blogging?

What makes a successful blogger? Is it a blogger with thousands of followers? Are there non-celebrity bloggers with thousands or millions of followers? I am referring to bloggers who are not authors, actors, singers, etc.

I do not consider myself a successful blogger but I am fine with me, at least for now. I was, and still am, not purposeful. I definitely lack consistency and constancy when it comes to my blogging. This weakness flows into my writing, too.

In four years, there was only one year when I was a regular blogger. There was that solitary year, if at all it was a year, when I was decisive and decided. I had a plan and I followed through it. I wrote. I published a blog post according to my schedule.

Other aspects of life get in the way of my writing or blogging. I would sometimes wonder if it’s because writing is merely a hobby, although I say it’s my passion. Whatever the reason, I allow writing–I allow my passion–to take a back seat. There are bills to pay. I need my day job income to pay for my blogging and writing.

I find reasons, a.k.a. excuses, why I can’t… don’t write. Those of you who are not new in my community would know that this is nothing new. This is my broken record. My body is finished and my brain is fried after a day at work. I have neither desire nor energy to write. My work doesn’t stimulate my brain. I have no time. I need to sleep. I must spend time with my daughter, partner, whole family, friends, and so on and so forth. I play games. I watch TV. I go out. I eat out.

I don’t believe that I have nothing to write. I have a lot to say. I am willing to share my thoughts and opinions.Despite my weaknesses and shortcomings, I have you, my wonderful WordPress community. It took four years to get to the 1,000-followers milestone but I have reached it. I am there.

Thank you! Thank you so much!

I acknowledge that many followers may be inactive, but I have hope. They might come back. I disappear, too. I have gone quiet several times before. I return. I am still here. I write. I blog. I read blog posts. I could have faded into obscurity. I could have owned my laziness and stayed away. I am glad I did not. I think I should be proud of myself… I am.

More importantly, I am grateful. I thank you all for being here. I am honored to be part of your community. I may be proud of me but I am also humbled by your support and encouragement. Thank you!


I have been working on this blog post for a week, in between life’s demands. It had taken longer than planned. Today is another milestone for me: it is the 4-year anniversary of this blog’s first WordPress post. Yay!

I think I will do a blog post on it. I have exactly one like on this post! There isn’t a huge difference now, but at least, there is interaction within the community.