Heart’s desires

Blessings you pray for
You do get but may not see
Disguised, probably.

As I said on my previous post, I am not a ‘new year’s resolutions person’, but…

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Thank you for the image, Kyla! 🤗

If you do manage to make changes and implement self-improvement goals during the course of the year, then you don’t need new year’s resolutions. However, if you’re like me and you simply fool yourself into believing that you are setting goals and achieving them no matter the time of the year, but you’re really not succeeding either, like everyone who start off the new year with resolutions, then perhaps deciding on some new year’s resolutions is a thing to do, except that we must do better with these resolutions than our failed anytime-of-year set goals.

Do you have new year’s resolutions or are you good at setting goals and achieving during the year?

For 2020, as mentioned on my previous blogpost, I am going to be a ‘new year’s resolutions person’, but I do not resolve to have less pride in what I do/can do and in me, in general, nor do I resolve to be less stubborn. This means that I will not be working on changing my usual over-achieving Type-A personality. I am hoping that my old, true and authentic self will push me to stay on track and keep my resolutions.

My first resolution is to recognize reasons to be grateful and practice gratitude. Why didn’t I just say “be grateful” or “be more grateful”? Why is my resolution to first recognize the reasons to be grateful and then once I see the reasons for gratitude, I should appreciate them?

I think that human beings often find it a little challenging to be grateful because we tend to focus on what we don’t have. It is easy to be envious of others as we choose to see what others have that we don’t have or we have little of. We want what they have and we fail to see what we do have. Consequently, we play the waiting game. As we wait, we are reminded of the lack. It isn’t easy to practice gratitude.

Do you agree? Do you relate or do you easily see your reasons to be grateful?

I have learned to and I continue to teach myself to be more present in my life, to pay attention and to be deliberate. While I sometimes go astray, I go back to my practice of mindfulness, albeit I may have modified it to a version that suits me.

On a good day, when I wake up on the right side of the bed, I start off thanking God for another day. It is so simple yet easily overlooked. I am thankful even on a less sunny day because it means I will suffer less from the heat.

Living in South Africa, I feel a real gratitude each morning knowing that God and/or the holy spirit and/or our guardian angels had been with us through the night and we were kept safe. In the evening, as I pray for safety and security, I thank God for having kept me and loved ones free from harm.

Then, it is effortless to recognize the rest of the blessings I am grateful for, over and above the roof over our head, the clothing to keep us warm and the food that sustains us, such as the quality and specifics of such roof, clothing and food, and many other little things my family and I enjoy, like the jobs, cars, and different kinds of toys appropriate for our varied ages.

I am grateful!

I thank God for being present in our home and for filling that home and our hearts with His love. I know and I truly believe that His presence in our midst, wherever we are, and His love for us make all other things possible.

I am grateful for everything I already have although I am still waiting for a few other heart’s desires. 🙂 I do believe that they are either on their way or already here but I just dont have the right eyes and heart yet to see them.

I wish you all God’s presence and love in your homes and hearts!

Much love and hugs,
Anne J.