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I’d say almost every person, including fictional characters in a story, has a morning routine, especially on weekdays. No? Yes? What is your routine?

My morning routine includes reading, which is probably not a best activity immediately upon waking up because I don’t pick up a book and read. I wish I made time in the morning to read a book, or several pages of said book, even for just half an hour.

(For what I am about to write, I’m thankful Arianna Huffington–amazing author, journalist, businesswoman, and sleep evangelist–doesn’t know about my existence and that of this blog of mine and therefore cannot read my posts because I go against her campaign for sleep and no electronic gadgets in the bedroom. Oh, how I wish…)

I reach for my mobile phone to turn off the alarm and then check my notifications. But, I have improved and can now ignore my WhatsApp messages… sometimes… uh… unless I see an important message that cannot wait until I’m ready to tackle all messages. Are there such? Hmm…

Moving on…

I go through my emails and although I don’t read them as I sometimes don’t even open them from the notifications bar, I do click on my LinkedIn email and read some articles. I also go to my Google “news” (articles) but I do choose which ones to read.

My morning reading is my brain’s ignition switching on. I consider the thoughts and opinions of the world at large. I let them stimulate me. Then, I formulate my own opinions. I reach my own conclusions. My creative juices start to flow.

At times, my emotions, both positive and negative, are triggered. I do my best to keep the mood positive though. Still, I am human. It is my story and I am sticking to it.

It would be my perfect opportunity to harness the creativity that’s flowing like a river just before it becomes the waterfall and just write. But, my humanness has another weakness: I am not a morning person. I don’t have the time to write before my day job demands my full attention.

Perhaps, my morning routine needs to change. My day needs to start much earlier that it does now.

What about you or your novel’s MC? Would the morning routine benefit from a slight tweak? Or a huge adjustment maybe, like a whole new routine? ūüėÜ

Much love and hugs,
Anne J.