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Ready or not

Ready or not, here I come!

Actually, here IT comes!

With the New Year (Gregorian calendar) just a memory now 😁, it is time for the Chinese New Year. From today to the 24th of this month is when we prepare for the new year. Actually, it might be a little late…

Chinese New Year is on the 25th of January 2020. The Year of the Metal Rat begins. For those of us born in the year of the Rat, we are hesitant to welcome our year, at least a little. Or, it might be a lot for some.

Late last year, I started reading on the Year of the Rat 2020. I learned a few years ago that our own year isn’t auspicious for us. We are meant to prepare for our year eleven years before. I hope I did…

I believe so. I feel I am up for whatever this year has in store for me. I feel positive and strong.

My WhatsApp status yesterday

I did Google the translation. I am learning Spanish but my app didn’t teach me that.

I’m definitely feeling it. I do know some days will seem less promising. Other days will be rather unpleasant. I will have to go back to this post.

How is your 2020 so far?

I hope the year is looking bright. This Rat is hopeful, and even when the hard work of the last eleven years doesn’t do the trick, I have my lucky charms.

I did say I am prepared. I guess I can say, “Here I come!”

Much love and hugs,
Anne J.