A writer, a life, a city


I know surreal is simply another word for strange, or weird, or strange. Yet, my usual words don’t work for this current unusual world. I am left only with surreal.

Work is the same; only the location has changed.

Home life is different, not only because we cannot leave the house except for essentials–and even with that permission, we choose to stay at home for we fear the virus more than others do–but because we now prepare the food we eat, I have dishes to do every night, and I have to play teacher to my 2nd grader.

I have some memories of the last two months before this present moment…

For today though, and for the next days, too, as I literally live life a day at a time, I am organizing the memories in my head.

4 thoughts on “Surreal

  1. Biology it seems has always been humanity and the world’s greatest foe. Viruses and other diseases cannot be bargained with only conquered. Happy Easter to you. Stay safe.

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    1. That is actually so true. While we realize our capabilities when we conquer such, we are still reminded of our vulnerability. We are brought back to reality as we are forced back to the path of humility. A blessed Easter to you! Keep well and stay safe.

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      1. Belated Easter wishes to you. Stay safe and optimistic and flexible of mind and spirit. This pandemic will not last forever. Stay strong. 🙂

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