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Too spirited

Slowly, as days go by, you begin to realize the subtle crushing of your spirit. Too spirited! Perhaps not for long. You become cognizant of how your spirits affect others. Little of those around you appreciate the sparks you add to the world; the majority fear the desire for change your spirit may ignite in… Continue reading Too spirited

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Right, wrong and status quo

I understand that it is the responsibility of the good to say something, to not keep quiet, when they encounter the bad. Or the ugly. Therefore, if a supposed "good" person allows evil to prevail, is he really still good? I ponder... The thing is I don't think I can right all the wrongs. The… Continue reading Right, wrong and status quo

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Random thoughts and ponderings on a Saturday morning

(Post written and prepared in a [little] hurry using a mobile device, Samsung Galaxy Note8 specifically, so if you come across typos and other errors, please excuse me.) It’s a pretty good Saturday morning. Mother, from Botswana, who has been visiting my family and me here in South Africa, said she needs to test her…… Continue reading Random thoughts and ponderings on a Saturday morning

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Blogging and writing

Just my two cents… Not all bloggers are writers. Some are photographers. All bloggers who write (about anything) more than share their pictures are writers, somehow. Not all writers are bloggers; they can simply be authors, poets, playwrights, etc., although it doesn’t make sense to not take advantage of additional exposure, unless of course there…… Continue reading Blogging and writing