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Job, Career and Vocation

Do you know the difference between your job, career, and vocation? What is your job? Career? Vocation? In my current job, I am a Financial Controller at an internet/telecoms service provider. Sometimes, I dislike where I work, some people at work, how I work, and even specific functions or actions. I struggle to get out…… Continue reading Job, Career and Vocation


Evil, death and a paltry existence

Only a creature so evil–with a soul as black as a moonless night, and without a heart–will say about someone’s death: “What goes around comes around”. Unquantifiable despise for each other is no reason to utter such vile words. I, too, sometimes fantasize about a more permanent solution to an unpleasantly problematic person, but in…… Continue reading Evil, death and a paltry existence